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  1. I´m sorry if this seems naive but if I re-use the original complete front subframe along with the rack won´t it limit me the max angle i can tilt it? Or do you mean completely swap out the steering rack for a new one ? I´ll post some pics once i finish the cad drawing of the chassis with the subframe welded on, but it´ll take some time since i´m kind of lost on how to do it. Also anyone got some tips some good forums for modding/ trackcar building where i can get some info on the more technical stuff? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I´m building a project trackday/go kart in the garage and im thinking about using an old smart 450´s complete front subframe, including steering rack and column in order to simplify building and lower costs (since in the new chassis the steering wheel will be much lower) Anyone knows how much i can drop the stock column from a 450? Cheers!