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  1. Thank you for this information - most appreciated I have applied to join - now awaiting confirmation
  2. There are two light grey pieces of plastic either side of the large round dark grey piece in the centre of the wheel Presumably one of these is the horn button ? Regards
  3. Recently purchased a used Smart Passion coupe 2003 model - it came without the handbook It appears that used hand books are as rare as hens teeth If any one has a surplus 2003 handbook please advise Payment can be made via Paypal I am located in England
  4. Thank you all Hand brake now released - my garage repairer came out and fixed it
  5. Please to say that the water leak came from a blocked drainhole Still unable to locate a handbook for 2003 model
  6. Recently purchased a used Smart car - Passion model 2003 - no handbook Presumably the horn is operated from the centre of the steering wheel, if so, it is not working on my car and it is illegal in England to drive without a functioning horn Is there a quick fix ? Any advice appreciated
  7. Recently purchased used Smart car Passion, but came without the hand book Experiencing difficulty in selecting reverse and auto - as seems to go into manual 1 Is there a knack in operating the gearbox so that auto and reverse are selected quite easily Right now it is hit and miss ! Any advice appreciated
  8. Recently purchased s/h Smart Coupe - but no hand book Unable to locate how to open the bonnet (hood) in the front of the car to gain access to the washer bottle etc etc Any advice appreciated
  9. Another problem The handbrake is jammed in the "up" position - and I cannot release it Tried to rock the car by putting into forward and reverse - but no luck Any fix advise appreciated - as cannot use the car
  10. Just purchased a s/h Smart Passion Coupe 2003 Reg, and although I did due diligence pre purchase checks, after delivery when inspecting the floor battery compartment , I noticed that the floor mat (underneath) and the floor itself was wet - so clearly indicating a water leak from somewhere No doubt this has cropped up with other Smart users, so any advice as to how to location and plug/seal the leak would be appreciated Additionally, the handbook was missing, and I have drawn a blank on sourcing from the two well known websites My local Smart/Mercedes dealer cannot supply one - and advice as to how to get one would also be appreciated Regards