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  1. 06 CDI (diesel). I have little interest in having someone else change maps on my car. I would rather set myself up with the tools to do so. I don't plan to do any physical modifications aside from replacing the stock exhaust system and deleting the egr.
  2. Hi all, Just picked up a 06 CDI (Canadian), I'm totally new to the platform, but I've been cruising the forums for a few days trying to soak up so knowledge. I'm no stranger to tuning, I've done everything from megasquirt to sct, and am using cobb a lot currently. I'd like to tune my smart, but I can't seem to find real tuning software, as most people are just flashing maps. I'd like to order the hardware I'm going to need, and from what I can gather it's a KWP2000 plus interface. But I have seen other devices being used too. So my question is, what is the preferred hardware to use at this point in time? What software is used for editing maps? Thanks