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  1. The clock in the main colour display, my fortwo is a 2017, suddenly registered 1 hour late. I've tried to reset it as stated in the owners manual and although it will set the 12 or 24 hour display the 'set time' icon doesn't light up. I've tried seeking anything else but no go. Next stop if no one can help is the local Mercedes and Smart garage. Bryan
  2. Hi there,I ordered them though ebay and they came from Hong Kong, took about 3 weeks and cost about £24, well worth the price .Bry
  3. This is a better snap of one of the rear mud flaps, regards Bryan
  4. Sorry that I've been so long giving a update on the mud flaps. A friend helped me to fit them with only 2 holes to drill on both rear flaps, the front ones were ok and fitted straight on. Here's a snap of the rear ones because they have the logo, the fronts don't. So far I've found that they do help with keeping the rear screen clear although not completely, however I think they were worth fitting. I can't see a way of fitting a bigger rear spoiler bearing in mind that there is a high level stop light in the one which is fitted to the car. If anyone knows differently please let me know. Regards to all, Bryan
  5. Thank you Leadwing and Nigel for your comments. As for the wind deflector there is a small one on the back of my Smart, as standard, but I would presume it's not doing much good. As for fitting a bigger one I will look into it. I did however phone my local Mercedes spares department with regard to the mud flaps and they didn't have them in their Smart accessories. So although as was suggested they probably wouldn't work in keeping the rear screen clear I've gone ahead and ordered them from Hongkong, mind you I'll have to wait about a month for them to arrive. Funny thing is they are manufactured in Germany but I couldn't find same on the net ! Anyway I'll post another update once they are fitted and by the way I've ditched the idea of a rear screen wash and wipe as as you have said a bit dodgy to do and expensive to boot. Bryan
  6. I own a smart 2017 cabriolet and am thinking of having front and rear mud flaps fitted as not having a rear window wash and wipe function on this car, and not advised to try and fit same, I was wondering where to have them fitted, i.e. a Mercedes garage. The reason I'm thinking of having them fitted is my rear screen gets covered very quickly with road debris. Does anyone know that by fitting mud flaps this will cure this problem ?
  7. Thanks for your input regarding rear wiper on cabriolet. Yes I thought it maybe a little difficult if not impossible so I'll ditch  that idea, and you were right the screen is glass.