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  1. Ok Guys. Here's the update. Its working Yea. Thanks LooseLugNuts did as you said and after fitting the new actuator and re teaching the clutch and gearbox all is good. I really appreciate all of your help on this forum all of you have been very helpful. I now know that if i get another one like this roughly where to start. Many thanks. This is solved.
  2. ok another update. I did as LooseLugNuts said and removed the actuator and found the worm drive had sheered off the motor so im on a waiting game now for a new one to arrive. I will keep everyone informed when the new actuator arrives from Italy.
  3. ok for an update. I totally removed the gearbox harness and did a thorough test on the bench using a headlight bulb as my test light so as to put some current through the cables to make sure there was no issues. I reconnected everything and the engine still didnt start , still three bars. I then connected my Delphi diagnostics and omg!! codes lots of em!!! here we go. p0805 - clutch system fault - permanent p1801 - Teach in of mechanism unsuccessful - permanent p2802 - Incremental sensor "Transmission";signal fault - intermittent p0707 - Control unit; internal error - intermittent p0887 - Transmission relay, does not switch off - permanent p1800 - teaching requirements - permanent p0805 -Clutch system fault - permanent p1801 - Teach-in of mechanism unsuccessful - Permanent Help. i cleared all faults and got the engine to start once then all faults reappeared i was messing around for about 4 hours today and till cant get it working. i did a reset of the controll unit with my delphi and the clutch actuator made a noise but didnt move /press the clutch, sounded like crunching cogs? first time i have heard this. Please help any one.
  4. Thanks for your input guys. unfortunately i cant do the reteach as the engine wont even start all i have is the three bars. When i connected my diagnostic (delphi) no fault codes were there. This is my puzzle. The service was fuel filter, oil filter and oil and air filter. to remove the air filter i had to remove the intercooler pipe from the cooler and the egr. When this happened i looked at many forums and it is a common fault that the intercooler rubs through the harness underneath that connects to the selector module(motors) hence why i dropped the engine down and checked the cables. Thanks again Chris.
  5. Hello and thanks to all that will probably answer my questions soon as these are common failures on the cdi smart 451 2009 reg. Hoping for the answer. i have the three bars after doing a service on my friends car, i have checked the wiring harness between the ecu under the carpet to the gearbox with a multi-meter and all seems fine also to the gearbox selector module. First question is the clutch actuator supposed to engage when you turn on the ignition or only when in neutral with brake pressed? Number two to reset the gearbox i have read that you hold the brake pedal down and turn on the ignition is this correct? should the clutch actuator depress the clutch whilst doing this reset? Number three--- should i just set fire to it... lol only kidding. I look forward to hopefully some advice as my friend isn't very happy with me at the moment. Thanks Chris.