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  1. Thanks guys for all the usefull information. We are inquiring, not buying and building yet so all this info is very helpfull in the decision making process. Thanks again. Paul
  2. Hello all, As my screen name states, I am Paul, recently joined. If you take the time to read my profile page you know where my next question comes from. The (5 or so) adult volunteers of our "SleutelclubHouten" (mechanical tinkering club from Houten NL) would like to start a project of our own and we thought the creation of -a diesel driven motorcycle- would be a real challenge. Since the Smart ForTwo Cdi is the smallest production diesel car it caught our attention as a donor engine. What do you think, wouldn't that be a nice challenge? Does anyone have knowledge of an engine lying around somewhere (preferably in NL) or even a complete car that was written off by its owner? Mind you, we are all volunteers and the club is totally running on donations so money is an issue :-) Hope to hear from you all with any information that can help us get this project started. Regards, Paul