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  1. sorry also forgot to add in i get in the car key out and press brake pedal dash lights come on and fuel pump comes on dont know if this helps with the possible diagnosis.
  2. Hi im new here a month ago i bought a smart car cdi after about 3 weeks the car stopped and would try too crank but couldnt hear the fuel pump. i looked up on the fourm and saw that others have had this problem. i removed the sam unit to check for water damage burned pins etc checked the fuse which was ok as well. i notice that the fuel pump red and black pin was burned on the brown connector, i opened the sam and soldered a wire to the pin directly and drilled a small hole to run it through as i saw someone do on a earlier post i connected the wire to a in line fuse 10amp and connected it to the side of the sam that seemed to b powered only in postion 2 but still nothing so i disconnected it. then i cut the red black wire from the brown connector that was melted ran it to what i thought is a postion 2 power source with a 10amp in line fuse and then i could hear the fuel pump and the car would start but would continue after key was swtiched off but if i turn the key off and tap the brake pedal it would then turn off. also if i press the brake pedal i can hear the fuel pump even with the key out of the iginition. as you can tell by this post i must have done something wrong somwhere car runs and drives all swtiches lights etc work but if i step on the brake pedal even with key out i hear the fuel pump kick in. hope someone can help me with this mess i created. kind regards