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  1. Thank you so much folks! It seems that the info from 2001 still hold true. Tired calling but I guess not open on the weekend. Wonder what their pricing is like. I will try again in Monday and see what they tell me. Cheers!
  2. Hey there all! Brand new to this forum and also to the Smart Scene! We just purchased a 2009 ForTwo Passion used after weeks of looking and checking out cars. We don't know much, but in the end this one seemed to be the best platform for the money. It is at roughly 56k KM and needs a good cleaning. General drive and ride and good, and vibrations are at a lower level than many others we tested. We want to take it in for a full check up and service just to know if everything is ok and get it up to date as the last previous owner was not too informed about these and just had some change the oil apparently. So here comes the ask. I see some recommendations for all the way back in 2001 to 2003, but nothing recent. Dealerships have crap reviews and prices to cry about. So wallet burning and no trust in their work. Being that we live in Surrey and are close to Langley, Richmond, Burnaby and can make it anywhere for a reliable opinion, where should we take it. We are super excited but also worried as we don't really know what the condition of the vehicle really is. Please give me some pointers and referrals to good Smart mechanics that know their stuff, are trustworthy, and charge fairly. Thank you all in advance, here is ok hoping we picked a good one as our attempt to enter the Smart family!