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  1. Thanks for the tips guys. I ended up buying a 2013 turbo passion with only 19.000km. The car looks brand new (I had to travel 1600km to get it, but it was worth it).
  2. They are installed between the coils of the suspension spring. Trivial installation. They’re made in Korea and very popular in Korean cars (hard suspension).
  3. You see my dilemma here 🙃? A modded turbo or an mhd (for a lot less).
  4. Good to know that these are safe, thanks, guys @LooseLugNuts The owner does not have the original wheels anymore, but he told me that the adapters are a commercial product, made in Germany, so they should withstand the weather well enough, I guess. @Chopper yeah, unfortunately in my area I have to choose either this modded one or a (not so well kept) MHD. @1983JZR3W that's a very valid point... In the case of a blown tyre or any wheel service, it's gonna take some effort to take out those wheels. BTW, is that 17" smart your daily driver? I'm not so hot on this car because I am looking for a daily driver, not a second or third card, so I may just have to pass this one in favour of the MHD.
  5. I don't think they're illegal here, but I'll check. The owner says he installed something called "urethane buffer", which improves ride experience a lot. I'll take it for a test drive next week and report back. My main concern was safety though, so thanks for sharing your experience!
  6. lol good point. Those low profile tyres look good but they sure don't seem adequate for a daily driver. The owner is asking a very reasonable price, though.
  7. Hey guys! I´m looking to buy my first smart and came upon a 2013 Fortwo Passion 84cv which car looks well kept. However, the factory wheels were replaced (with the help of an 3-5 adapter) with 17" MB aloy wheels and I was wondering how safe this mod is. Also, do you think it might be a source of rattling? Thanks for the help!