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  1. Like I said lots of O rings to be gotten there. To bad they have a counter person who doesn't know the products they sell. The youngest person working at the shop I go to is about 45 and she knows more than their rebuilders, if she doesn't know the answer she will find one while you're there. As to type of O ring to use IMO if it will handle hydraulic oil it'll handle diesel fuel fine.
  2. Having worked at an auto glass place yrs ago dealers don't do glass work they call in the glass repair places. And like any auto repair place there's good n bad ones.
  3. I get most of my seals and O rings from a local hydraulic shop. They should have a vast array of O rings in stock. Take the shafts and O rings with you so they can measure them correctly. A cple examples of why I go there instead of OEM parts. 1 Massey hydraulic pump has a seal on the input shaft 31mm of x 17mm id x 7mm thick, dealer wanted $69.95 plus shipping charges and tax and a week to get, bought 2 from shop and got change back from 5 bucks and that included tax next day p/u. 2 EZGO golf cart crankshaft seals from a golf cart place they wanted 80 something in stock plus shipping. My guy got em in next day was 10 n change. They have a shelving unit 5' tall x 10' full of 6x6" drawers with nothing but O rings just walk in and they match me up, never waited yet for one. What I seen in the video all but the ones with the jutted out ones would be on his shelf. I was told by a diesel injection pump rebuilder on a tractor forum about using a hydraulic shop for seals and O rings as that's were he sources his from for antique tractors injection pump rebuilds.
  4. My 2005 Passion I think is a base model. Does not have the button on the shifter to run the auto shift function. If I run it up without using the shifter it will still up shift about 4100-4500 RPM. I've run it up till 4th gear but only to see what it would due 4000 RPM to much is not good for diesel engines IMO. Which makes me wonder if your auto shift button is actually working. Someone before you may have thought they could just swap the knob and plug in the button to get the auto shift. From what I've read that function would still need to be programmed in to function correctly.
  5. Continental ContiEcoContact EP Tire at Canadian Tire $124.97 ea Check your local one.
  6. I knew someone here would have the answer. As it's rare you would think the seller would include this vital information Having only been involved with Smarts since April this yr, almost everything I know of them was learned from this site or ones linked from here. Thanks
  7. Anyone know what makes this Smartie so rare. By the add it's #2 out of only 200 made. No were in the add can I see what makes it rare.
  8. I like it a lot. It'll turn every gear head it passes by for yrs.
  9. Since you are mixing oil with grease there's a product I use here in Canada called Corn head grease. It's basically grease but with a low viscosity. It gets pumped in with a grease gun but it will flow when hot. I have grease fittings on the dust caps of most of my trailers and a Coke pumps of grease every now and then has kept me from ever replacing a bearing on any of them, the boat trailer gets a shot everytime we take out the boat. Have never pushed out the back grease seal yet using this set up. I've also used this method on a number of cars and pickups over the yrs with the same results. About the only bearings on my own cars that ever got changed were front wheel drive ones that I couldn't do the grease nipple trick to them. Corn head grease can be used in a lot of places that use gear oil instead of full on grease. It's primary use was developed for corn heads on combines for the right angle gear box used to drive the head. Due to it being exposed to water and lots of dust they wear the seals quickly and the oil leaked out making them prone to early failure. Having changed one out is a 2-3 day job as the head has to be dismantled quite a ways to change it. By using the Corn head grease it kept the gear box bearings lubed without the oil leakage and now most of them last the life of the combine. I've used it now for yrs in golf cart differentials, garden tractor trans axles, right angle drive boxes and wheel bearings plus many other places as well. Still use regular grease on tie rods ball joints and king pins, gear oil in manual trans and rear automotive differentials. This is a great thread thanks for reposting it I'll be doing something similar to mine soon.
  10. I get lots of deliveries from Rock Auto done by FedEx and various other suppliers state side and never seen a broker fee from them. The only time we paid any fee was a duty fee and broker fees on some climbing gear and we were informed of costs before it proceeded thru customs and we paid the driver when they delivered it. Been getting most of my car, tractor, golf cart and snowmobile parts state side the last 10 yrs now as costs with shipping and exchange rate is about a third what it costs in Canada. Most times I can get it faster from the states than I can local as they 9 out of 10 times need to order it in and takes them 3 to 10 days to get it then I have to go pick it up. Most part I order state side is here 2 to 3 days and dropped at my door even if no one is home and the bonus is I always know where my part is by using the tracking number. Have never bought from other countries though so can't comment on that. But from the one time I had broker and duty fees they called before proceeding with costs up front before they would deliver and I just paid the driver on delivery.
  11. 3 of my diesels all old school with mechanical injectors all smoke white while starting and for a couple minutes to 15 minutes. 2 of them I've owned for over 10 yrs the worst only just got and it's the worst and the only one with glow plugs (haven't checked to see if they work yet). The colder it is the longer they smoke too. My Massey 3 cyl Perkins diesel has been cold started without being plugged in and no glow plugs at -30c. My others don't seam to suffer from this problem and they all have glow plugs and electronic controlled injectors. I'm convinced the glow plugs warm the engines enough that they don't smoke on cold starts like my older ones that don't have them. My suggestion is to check the glow plugs and if they are good cycle me a cpl times and see if that improves the smoke issue on a cold start. As to my old school smokers I'm not concerned about their dependability they have always fired up when needed without starting fluid either.
  12. When mine quit starting it was always after it had been run. In my case it wouldn't start for 3 days. Since I ran a jump ground battery to the block and then to the clump of six wires bottled to the floor pan in the engine bay between the inter cooler and motor there's been no more problems. I had previously cleaned those grounds twice, then replaced the eyes with soldiered on ones, even drilled a new hole cleaned off the paint on both sides of steel and used a stainless bolt to give a perfect ground and had the no start. Try the simple things 1st.
  13. At a press conference late Monday, the CEO of Johnson Marine, makers of Johnson outboard marine engines and other recreational equipment, unveiled a new line of heavyweight cruiser style motorcycles designed to compete head to head with industry leader Harley-Davidson. Peter Long, Johnson's Brands Marketing Manager said, "We have studied the market and determined that Harley, while highly successful, has narrowly missed the mark when targeting motorcycle buyers." Long added, "We at Johnson are convinced that our product hits the target dead center and promises to draw sales away from Harley Davidson in a way no other motorcycle has been able to accomplish."The new line of bikes, marketed under the name Big Johnson Motorcycles, will, according to Long, deliver what Harley has only promised. "Our research show that this, a Big Johnson, is what Harley buyers are really after." At the unveiling of the new line Monday, several current Harley owners agree. "When I bought my Harley, what I really needed was a Big Johnson," said one Harley owner. "But I see now that riding a Harley is no replacement for having a Big Johnson."Manager Long also said that his company would follow the lead of Harley-Davidson and cash in on a huge market for non-motorcycle related products. "We realize that not every guy can have a Big Johnson," said Long, "But image is very important to people. If they don't have a Big Johnson, they at least want to project the image of having one."Asked if he anticipated Big Johnsons showing up in the hands of Harley owners, Long said it was unlikely. "I just don't see the need to have a Harley if you have a Big Johnson," he said. "And I can't imagine someone who spends all their resources to acquire a Harley having a Big Johnson. I think it boils down to this - You either have a Harley, or you have a Big Johnson, but you are not likely to have both.""Given the choice," said Long, "I think most guys will opt for the Big Johnson."Another force driving sales for the company will come from women. A survey of the wives and girlfriends of nearly 1,000 potential motorcycle buyers indicates less than 5% would approve of their partner spending $20,000 on a Harley Davidson. But, when asked if they would be willing to pay the same amount of money to get their partner a Big Johnson, nearly 4 out 5 thought that would be money well spent.One female present at the product unveiling was quoted as saying, "There is no way I will let Lonnie drop 20 grand on another one of those Harleys, but 20 grand to get him a Big Johnson? Well, that's something we could both enjoy, and it's something he really needs."Carla Roundheel, manager of the dealership network now being established, said her motto is simple. "I service what we sell."Big Johnson Motorcycles will be traded on the New York stock exchange under the abbreviation PNSNV.
  14. Diesels sound different than gas motors. Most have a knocking noise or soon will. Smaller engines seam to be quieter than larger ones. My 3 cyl Massey 135 sounds like someone took a 1/2 can full of bolts and scraped it to the crankshaft. In 12 yrs since I've owned it and 6000+ hours on it the sound has never changed. Check out some videos of other smart diesels running to compare to what yours sound like. I've got more diesels than my Smart and 1 tractor of many makes and they all rattle, 1 cyl, 2 cyl, 3 3 cyls, 6 4cyls and a V8 all diesel. The trick with them is knowing what sounds normal and when is making a noise that's a problem. Best would be if you can find someone local with a diesel Smart and have yours running beside it to compare. Most you tube videos are lacking in sound quality.