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  1. Tolsen, thank you for all your input in this blog. It has proved immeasurably helpful for working on my 2005 Fortwo diesel. I am from western Canada. I just cleaned the EGR cartridge that was clogged up with carbon residue. Everything went well (including the building of my own extraction tool, inspired by your design) but... that thin red o-ring broke in the endeavour. The Canadian Mercedes dealers don't seem to be able to supply the o-ring on its own. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might obtain one?


    1. LooseLugNuts


      its just an o-ring....doesnt need to be a special dealer one...try a local hydraulics shop theyll probably just give you one

  2. Please forgive my lack of knowledge but... how does one remove the intercooler fan from the intercooler in order to get at the EGR valve housing on a 2005 Fortwo .8L cdi model? With my engine that fan motor is virtually sitting on the EGR valve restricting access to it. I don't see any screws or clips or bolts or anything holding it on.
  3. Hello. I have only just become the proud owner of a 2005 Fortwo diesel with only 93,000 kms. I have had the engine light come on and my code reader tells me two errors: P0402 and P0409. That seems to be an EGR issue but I can't seem to find a repair manual anywhere. Any ideas?
  4. Yes, please, which hose, where? I am having what sounds like an identical issue.