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  1. my business clothes are
  2. just ordered one in black.....dont wanna get left
  3. its like the goalie is standing on the blue line....push him back towards the net a bunch...
  4. if you are moving the mirror, why not up an inch and a couple inches closer to the windshield??
  5. your scanner recorded the map (manifold air pressure) as 66 inhg (inches of mercury)..2.036 inhg= 1 psi...…….p0238 code records an over pressure...I believe on 450 it is between 16.5 and 17 psi. the high boost pressure would be consistent with high fuel consumption, but you should be making tons of horsepower, not lacking it. the map may not be recording correctly. if someone on the street told me their smart was making 33 pounds of boost, I would probably give them "that look"....I would probably be thinking about hooking up a mechanical boost guage that you can read while driving and go pull a hill. record what you are actually creating
  6. you have a the spec I found for max boost is 16.5 psi, your code claims 32.5 psi....
  7. awesome idea.....until someone uses it to nail up panelling in their basement
  8. I would like mine two-toned to match my cars paint job.....paint codes to follow...
  9. so what you are saying is that the Canadian version has more balls than the uk version??
  10. well, at least there was a "good" reason requiring the addition...
  11. figured out why my sub went quiet.....burnt the wires right off it. I a blaming well that's one I haven't seen before...
  12. I almost feel sorry for the guy in the corvette that I went whistling by just as I saw the cop on the side of the freeway...lights on he pulls out, so I slow down and pull over. he shoots by me and nails the vette……..hard to keep a straight face...
  13. after you have the code entered you need to push the bottom right button to the left of the display....I think it is the cd button...
  14. if it starts cold and is clean, probably compression is still good. low compression will result in poor ignition when cold, and you will have smoke. I would be looking for low boost ie: intercooler leak, blocked egr, air filter, turbo on its way out? what kind of codes is it throwing?
  15. not saying that this is your only problem, but a bad ground can definitely affect your mileage. once the ground is fixed look at your exhaust when you first fire up cold. looking for raw fuel. whitish smoke and you can smell it. bad nozzle will cause this. if exhaust clean when cold, look at induction system. intercooler/turbo. check boost. a place to start