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  1. "I" before "E" except after "C" …..but only
  2. my old shovel used to winter indoors as well....
  3. the story I got was that some of these sprockets missed the hardening process...apparently this is a problem that only exists in cars that came to Canada......on the positive side, if caught in time, the long block looks virtually new with 200 k on them. cross hatch looks fresh. bottom end looks fresh. my thought is to replace the sprocket and tensioner. new tappets, as they seem to be another point of failure and new crank seals. fresh injectors, new water pump, rebuild alternator and starter and the thing should run for another couple hundred k...
  4. I bought my tensioner, spring and sprocket from Mercedes here in Canada....seemed uncharacteristically reasonable....20 bucks and change for the three parts if remember correctly
  5. here is another one that failed....this one the tensioner failed, probably from the constant vibration from the chain climbing over the nubs...
  6. engine is laying on its side. timing cover and oil pan removed. chain that is horizontal in pic is cam timing chain. vertical chain is oil pump drive. grey plastic part on the right side of oil chain is a spring loaded tensioner. I replace these two pieces when I change the sprocket...this engine was opened in time. just waiting for new crank seals then back together it goes.....
  7. I have an engine open at the shop. I will take a better picture today and submit this evening
  8. lol
  9. no weird noise. just slides around it nice and smooth. I have a small but growing collection of these sprockets....gonna make a nice necklace when I have enough
  10. if you take I good solid drift, and give the lug bolt a couple good solid raps before removing, it should loosen right a foot of one inch round stock and a three pound ball peen. may need to be reduced on one end for wheel clearance, then a few wraps of electrical tape so it doesn't damage the rim when it bounces
  11. i had the anti theft bolts on one car. I dont remember the exact pattern of the hole, but I found a hex socket that would pound in and removed. welding wasn't a good option due to the clearance to the alloy rim.
  12. the first thing to go when these lose oil pressure is the turbo. maybe pop off the impeller housing and check for play. the second thing to go is the cam bores in the head. pop the valve cover and remove a cam bearing upper shell. check for wear/galling. only remove one cap at a time as the valve springs are pushing up on it. there are no cam bearings, so if the cap is torn up, the head is pretty much shot. check these before pulling engine to make sure you are not wasting your time/money
  13. stop running it. you will destroy the engine. it is not an expensive fix if you do the work yourself. the sprocket and tensioner with spring, I think are about 25 bucks from Mercedes. a squeeze tube of black goop from Lordco and a new front crank seal if you are feeling generous.
  14. what colour you looking for?
  15. on the display it should tell you which gear you are in. if you hit the button on the shift knob the number should change to an "A".
  16. I haven't seen that one before....the common injury is up where the tubes join the header
  17. oil catch can......just saying, lol
  18. so, this time before I order, I will check to see how many you have
  19. 1.2=17.4 psi...….i have been hitting question, if i throw an overboost code and go to limp mode, will my scan guage clear the code so i can continue on my way, or do i need star for that one?
  20. does anyone know at what pressure does the computer spit an overboost code??
  21. option #1
  22. yes I just found it. they have the 451 but not the 450