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  1. and dont blow air into a turbo with no oil supply.....that is turbo
  2. what kind of boost are you getting in gears 1-5? foot to the boards, should be coming up to 16.5 psi
  3. they are a car, not for the narrow minded.....
  4. the turbo is very easy to change on the car. one of the few very accessible items . shouldn't take more than an hour
  5. that's pretty much how you check a turbo. grab the shaft and move it in and out (axially) it should move freely and an almost clicking and no more than about .005" ish. its a feel thing not a measure thing. the shaft should spin freely. then try and move the impeller radially. there should be no discernable movement. if you can feel movement in this direction, change turbo.
  6. for those who dont own a lathe, these are cnc lead screws in 5/8 x 8 acme. 3' threaded rod for 9 bucks...the nuts however are a little more pricey
  7. thinking of buying a quantity of oil catch cans if anyone is interested. the shipping for one is 3/4 of the bill, but it decreases with each additional unit. the more we order the cheaper they will be...
  8. they would end up around 30 bucks each. landed in Vancouver.
  9. generally either a turbo works or it doesn't. rarely is there much if any warning. usually with trucks and equipment, there is a given service life for the turbo and you can replace it at prespecified intervals to avoid breakdown, or you can take your chances and run it until it fails. water pumps are another example of this. izzy got lucky as his started leaking oil and made a mess.
  10. it should be ok if he uses bungee cords so they can lengthen and shorten as he goes over
  11. I am currently building something very similar to the above trailer. except I used 500 # torsion axles and my net weight is around 120#. giving me a 380 # payload. going to use a plastic rooftop pod bolted to it to start with but may custom build one with carbon fiber....if I ever get to it. of course it will be painted to match smarty's panels..
  13. for a font, try either bi bi regular or novin bold
  14. if you're going to go with oem I get a bit of a deal through bd diesel in abby. if memory serves it was around 500 for a cartridge and 900 ish for complete with manifold and new waste gate pot....but that was a bit ago
  15. tolson said he is running the Chinese turbo for years now without issue. you can get a cartridge for around 200 cad
  16. my business clothes are
  17. just ordered one in black.....dont wanna get left
  18. its like the goalie is standing on the blue line....push him back towards the net a bunch...
  19. if you are moving the mirror, why not up an inch and a couple inches closer to the windshield??
  20. your scanner recorded the map (manifold air pressure) as 66 inhg (inches of mercury)..2.036 inhg= 1 psi...…….p0238 code records an over pressure...I believe on 450 it is between 16.5 and 17 psi. the high boost pressure would be consistent with high fuel consumption, but you should be making tons of horsepower, not lacking it. the map may not be recording correctly. if someone on the street told me their smart was making 33 pounds of boost, I would probably give them "that look"....I would probably be thinking about hooking up a mechanical boost guage that you can read while driving and go pull a hill. record what you are actually creating
  21. you have a the spec I found for max boost is 16.5 psi, your code claims 32.5 psi....
  22. awesome idea.....until someone uses it to nail up panelling in their basement
  23. I would like mine two-toned to match my cars paint job.....paint codes to follow...
  24. so what you are saying is that the Canadian version has more balls than the uk version??