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  1. Yes, they do not make these bearings easy to service. Tolsen's fix is ideal but takes bit of work. I think worth it. All these machines we buy have built-in design deficiencies. If we can get ahead of the breakage by re-engineering weak links, well, life may flow smoother. When they break, feels like ambush.
  2. Mr. Loose L! Did you see last reply? You were right, seems its the driver front. Sound bouncing around in cabin, sounds like rear. Thanks for the tip, I would not have looked as hard as I had to without your crumb trail. Thanks again. tt
  3. Spinning wheel, great advice, as usual. New development: I thought rear for sure because humming much louder at rear of car, also because I checked the fronts, but apparently not closely enough. Master Tolsen right again! Put the stethoscope on fronts and just wee tinkling sound on driver side; if I really reef on the wheel I can get it to click tiniest movement. I think demon is revealed, the same one that howls louder in rear of car than front of cabin due to sound resonation, like you say, Mr. T. Ordering couple new ones and do the dust cap mod. Will run it after drivers side in just so we know. Standby boys. thx. tt PS, yearly wheel bearings certainly unusual? Never heard of it....
  4. Really good, keep this in mind. Yes the German is out of parts, says maybe February. Those guys are great.
  5. Funny. Right after I lowered car and it left the shop yesterday that same thought crossed my mind. The whirring got louder in the movie, I thought, as the phone moved closer to the rear of the car which may mean absolutely nothing. Im checking the fronts before I do anything. Maybe a learning moment. I shall report results.
  6. Great Willys, thx. An educated ear like yours is just what this deal needs. Rear end whirring is easier to figure out when not mixed in with all the other rear machinery possibilities in Smarties. Thankyou!
  7. Great advice, thx. Tried the swerving and rumble from both rears, but like I said they have always rumbled on turns since 80,000 K. I tried running it up to speed in the air but puter just shuts it off. You're bringing me back to my original thoughts. Rattled me when they felt and sounded so good when wheels spun on hoist by hand. Reading too much of Tolsen's transmission stories. haha. Fixes so easy to him. He's Superman.
  8. Gents: Have a humming not unlike dry bearing or winter tire noise coming from rear. Appears at about 40 K, increases, then decreases over 80K. Rear wheel bearings feel good on hoist, have fresh ones with HIs Majesty Tolsen’s grease nipple mod ready to install but now wondering if bearing noise is not coming from sealed transmission bearings. No play or noise, or rumble or chunky whatsoever at low speed turning on hoist, feel perfect but they might if they are just dry. Can a Smexpert with experience on this and good ear have a listen? Car has 135 easy west coast K on it, no snow or salt or grit. Wet winters though. Changed tires, no difference. Slight rumble from rear on hard left or right turn, its always done that. Same volume and frequency of hum whether in gear or neutral. Thanks in advance, Boys. I’m really stuck on this one, don’t want to rent a listen from Stealership or do a bunch of unnecessary work. tt Here are links to 2 videos, one coasting and one under load. Sorry for road noise, best I could do. Cheers coasting https://youtu.be/brHnnL2fMkU under load https://youtu.be/hN4Kr8AbZcI
  9. oh jeepers, just saw this, sorry. thank you for the reply! Still have them? dont know if she still needs them. I will find out.
  10. Hi, do you still have these? tx Tim
  11. Hi, do you have any old alloys for sale? I need a few for 451. thx. Tim
  12. Im wondering if there is a common denominator between cold weather, thick diesel and fuel pump strain/load to push syrupy diesel. Are the folks with the board problem from below zero climates driving smarties through winter....
  13. Here's another. I had a really close look with both large and small magnifying apparatus. I saw nothing remarkable. The board appears brand new with no evidence of discoloration or weird physics anywhere.
  14. Here is the board, which seems to be looking pretty good. Willys, do you see anything I might be missing?