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  1. Hi there, so had caution light and abs light on my 06 and search the forums and yup got a cracked reluctor ring. In Canada here where you guys finding this rings tho. Can’t find anywhere I’m Canada . Thanks
  2. Hi, have 2006 Fortwo, lately my car been doing something goofy with the transmission. Put in auto mode but it doesn’t change gears unless I go to standard mode and do it. Almost seems a bit under powered as if there’s a limp mode. Then next time I drive it works fine but notice this issue occurring more often now. Any thoughts ...thanks in advance
  3. Anyone in Canada know where you can get these rear wheel bearings. Looks from a smart dealer is all I can find.
  4. So I’ve had my 2006 for two passion diesel for a couple years now. I like it. Bought used. Has 140,000km as of now. last year I notice after I took my winters and put my summers that it sure seemed noisy inside and I think it’s gotten worst. At 80km it’s unreal loud. When I get to 100km it’s loud but not as bad. Tires look fine to me. The noise comes from the back. Engine panel is closed. I did some searching on the forum. To me it has all the symptoms of wheel bearings. However I jack it up and found no play whatsoever in them. Any thoughts. I defiantly was not like this when I bought it. Nearest faker is 300 km away so not going there any time soon. Thanks in advance