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  1. Replaced it with this... super happy.
  2. I just used a drop-in K&N air filter and I did feel a difference... not huge of course but ShMart is quicker off the line. Sounds a tad growlier too... Next up will be replacing the air intake tube to the engine and removing the resonator. That seems to be the cheapest upgrade for 3hp... Oh!!! And don't forget the K&N sticker on the back window!!! That's a bonus 3hp as well!!! :-D
  3. Thanks Wild!, That's the plan. I'm just wondering which one to use. I've read that using a CANBUS led is a bad idea because of the heat coming from the resistance. Also, I'm hoping someone can guide me on what size should be used. CTC is about 10 mins from my place.
  4. Posted this in the chat but figured I'd get more traction here... Hi there... need suggestions to replace the anemic dome light in my 2015 pure. Please and thank you! :-)
  5. Hey Smart team! Was on before finding this place. I'm the proud owner of a pretty stock 2015 pure... Only minor mods done so far... New KFC-1695ps speakers and ODX H7 MULTI 6000 LUMENS LED low beams.