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  1. Hello everyone... new to the forum in search of answers. I have 2008 with 66,000 miles on it with the following issues: - 3 Bars flashing - Car Won't go into Park - P0915 Code (Gear Shift Position Circuit Range/Performance) once I ran my OBD connection Top Reported Fix - Replace clutch actuator Motor M18 w/P0914,P1800 If i play around with the shifter, I can get the car started and on the display I can see N, R, D, and 1 once i move the gears. But i can't get it into Park, seem like the shifter won't go all the way up. Any of the N, R, D, 1 ... the car is not moving at all and is stuck. I've taken apart the clutch actuator and seems to be nothing broken in it but not sure. I've been reading up on this and it's look like a common issue with the actuator but looking on what is the best way to confirm it. Any help would be appreciative. Following verified: - battery fully charged - brake light switch is engaged. Thanks in advance for the help!