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  1. yes, as it turned out the valve to the battery's coolant system wasn't working and needs to be replaced. the car is barely 16.000 km old
  2. It’s a 2015 model. I haven’t noticed and leakage under the car but I didn’t look under the hood. I’ll take it to the garage tomorrow and hope it’s nothing to serious. The garage told me the car has a cooling system for the battery as well.
  3. Thanks for the message Blaine. I forgot to mention my Smart is electric A
  4. Hi, Following message showed up on my dash this morning: Malfunction Serv.Req. No warning lights just the message. Looking through the car's manual it says that there's a malfunction in the coolant compressor or in the heating/coolant circuit. My heating and air-con work fine. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks Andy