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  1. Great info from both of you, thanks! I’ll look into the steps needed to take off the front bumper to give this a shot soon to see if it flashes any warning lights upon doing so. If it’s as simple as unplug and go, sweet. If it requires an electronic bypass to prevent a dash light I may just ignore it as long as it doesn’t beep. The startup beeping when unbuckled is annoying enough. Haha I feel like I have to frantically get my belt on to turn the thing off.
  2. Do the Canadian smart cars have quick charge port options?
  3. Well...that answers my question on if my car had an alarm system.
  4. So now what it comes down to is how I’m going to safely unplug the cable. The room for moving things around in that front hood is a lot smaller than I first thought. May have to hire a neighborhood kid to come by for that. Any ideas on where to proceed? Last thing I want to do is actually break something.
  5. Fair enough. Though so far with the cars I’ve owned, the ones that do beep do it very shortly and quietly. So much so that it’d be quite difficult to wake neighbors up coming home. Ioniq, I-miev, Tesla model 3 come to mind.
  6. I’m in North Chicago and experienced that polar vortex in February that got us down to -25 Fahrenheit. At that time I had a Hyundai ioniq Electric and it performed like a champ. Finally sold it a couple months ago because it was too much car for my needs and replaced with a 2013 ED. Garage situation forces me to have the smart parked outside, so if we get that cold snap again this coming winter, I hope I don’t run into the same issue as you guys! I have a backup, but if the smart gets totally bricked I’d be in trouble moving it out of the way to make it to work on time.
  7. Bummer. Oh well, thanks for confirming.
  8. Read through the manual and can’t find it anywhere. Any option on a 451 Smart ForTwo to have the vehicle do a short beep when locking from the key fob?
  9. Excellent! So are you just looking through the front hood opening for this photo? Trying to orient the angle.
  10. Good read on this topic. OP, crazy you’ve gotten 100k km+ with such little maintenance. The 2013 ED I’m getting in soon has 30k miles already on it, and I hope to run it into the ground. Should round out my electric vehicle trio nicely.
  11. I just purchased a 2013 one in red earlier this week. When it arrives from a carrier (hopefully next week...?) I’ll take a look and see if I can find the speaker without having to tear too much things apart.
  12. Yeah in USA most EVs produce some sort of sound when below 20mph. Oddly my Tesla doesn’t. I know some VESS speakers are easily accessible like the one on the Fiat 500e. If anything I would just want to duct tape over it to make it slightly less obnoxious.
  13. Hey all, going to be picking up an old 2013/2014 Smart ED now that they’re hitting sub $5k on the used market for commuting purposes. I’ve test driven a few and they ride fine for the size, but I’ve noticed the virtual engine sound system is much much louder than on my i-MiEV or my past Ioniq electric. Annoyingly so. Anyone here know where the speaker for the VESS is located so I can access it and lower the volume manually?