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  1. its a 2009 smart passion ive replaced battery terminals and ground wire from battery to body and I pulled all the seats and carpet out and checked all the ground wired under the carpet and I checked the one thats bolted to the side of the engine and the code im getting is low voltage to the shifter module so i probed the power wire going to the shifter and its only getting like 9 to 10 volts
  2. Hey everyone im new to the forum I recently picked up a smart car cheap but it was DOA (dead on arrival) it has the 3 bars of death on the dash the car will not start with the key also the warning light on the dash is on for low battery voltage code B210D but the car has a brand new battery and has been charged just to make sure I can power probe the starter and make the car crank and run but the transmission doesn't respond when selecting the gears ive also tried the trans relearn procedure with not luck if anyone can give me a direction to look in it would be much appreciated