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  1. Can someone please tell us where the door light switch is located on the 2005-2006 450's. Guessing doesn't seem to help much when trying to investigate a problem
  2. Why would glycol increase the friction, as you mentioned, when it does feel slippery to the hand and as looselugnuts mentioned he uses it on cables to keep them free from sticking in the winter? Seems like a great solution or not?
  3. From reading this entire post I'm assuming the problem solved was that you buggered up the fuel injectors by trying to clean them with a wire wheel. I assume you replaced the damaged injectors to solve that problem. Is that correct?
  4. Why would changing the fuel rail sensor give you more psi? From 9 to 14psi?
  5. Good job on sourcing a good price on the front bearing looselugnuts! What about the rear wheel bearings? That's a tough one!
  6. My o ring was also damaged after trying to source the oil leak from the EGR the second time I pulled it apart. I ended up using door hinge grease. It looks like a giant crayon, almost like the wax seal for a toilet gasket. Thick and stiff enough to coat the upper half of the EGR valve and insert it in for a tight fit. So far so good. I think the oil catch can mod trick may be a solution but I found it confusing to understand the concept as to how and why it works. and... Here's a tip to removing that third EGR bolt that is a pain to remove. I ended up welding a longer bolt on top of that existing hex bolt that gives me the easy reach to remove the entire EGR valve in minutes. Using the existing bolt gives you the 'Stop' threading area to snug the EGR evenly in place,
  7. No different from a school bus with the long body over extending the rear axel. Definitely not for a Smart car owner who can't judge the cars foot print. That might be the reason for so many to dislike the idea.https://www.canstockphoto.com/side-view-of-an-school-bus-47923956.html
  8. Bypassing the EGR should be fairly simple by just turning it around 180 degrees . I'm trying to find out where is all this oil coming from all over the EGR
  9. Does anyone know why the EGR gets plugged so quickly while others owners claim never to have had them cleaned? Is it possibly from a failed turbo oil seal allowing oil to clog it up mixed with exhaust gases?
  10. My brother has a swivel trailer for his Traveler. Apparently it works effortlessly with no worries of jack knifing.