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  1. Wild! Thanks for the reply, the brakes test on performance OK so I do not think that the lines have air in them pumping adds no improvement, air would show up on the brake tester, I am pretty sure the manual that I got with the car talks about brake assist. Does anyone know where the vacuum is sourced on a petrol MC01, as if it comes off the manifoldI would get a DFC.
  2. I have a 2000 city coupe 0.6 and it recently required a brake fluid change due to the reduced boiling point of the brake fluid. Reading on various forums there is talk of a vacuum pump providing brake assist, is this only on diesel models? I also notice that when I do a hill start the brakes do not hold you for a couple of seconds so there is probably a problem with the brake assist. When I have the brakes retested although there is a little too much travel in the brake pedal for my liking the car passes its safety test in Europe.