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  1. CANMAN, I watched a youtube video of some guy lowering his engine. But instead of using the front motor mount, he removed the right motor mount near the exhaust nut/bolt (looking from the back, the motor mount on the right). I tried to remove the front motor mount, but it is seized indefinitely and the bolts are starting to strip. Do you recommend lowering the engine with the right motor mount?
  2. Thanks Leadwing! And thank you for recommending Flying Tiger. I will get in touch with them. Cheers
  3. Yes, I did remove the EGR to clean
  4. Anyone have recommendations? My 2005 Smart Diesel is having an issue with battery not being charged. Thanks..
  5. I was advised from my Facebook smart car group to post here... I hope you all can suggest help... OR... Any local mechanics one could recommend me? I'm in Vancouver ! My Smart Car (2005 CDI 450). I am frustrated, I am upset. I looked through a lot of posts and hours of YouTube videos. I am desperate. PLEASE HELP... Long story: The problem started with the car sitting for 2 weeks while I try to fix the infamous intercooler leak (it is no longer leaking), and cleaning the EGR valve. I put everything back together. Then car would not start, I would jump the car, and it would start immediately, then battery would not hold a charge. Reving the car to 3k, made it only drop faster AND it is blowing a lot of exhaust smoke (smells terrible at idle, worse at 3k rpm). Here's what I tried: - I checked all cables, all secured and tight. - I bought a new engine ground wire (earth) because the last one was breaking apart. This connection is also tight. - I made sure the alternator was spinning freely (I can turn it with my hand while the belt is on). - I checked the battery was made 01/19 (voltmeter after start up was 11.7volts when hooked up to a booster) - Battery ground looks like there is corrision ( I haven't replaced this yet) The next things I can think of is... I didn't ground the engine ground properly? Replace the battery ground, replacd alternator or replace the battery... ? I need experts before I throw more money into this car. Please help! TLDR: - Car would not start after 2 weeks, then would not hold a charge (battery made 01/19) - checked connections, alternator spins freely, replaces engine ground wire Thank you..