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  1. The SCOA forum has one big article on radio codes. I found an info box with multiple codes and pasted it there. It should help you. Good luck!
  2. Excellent, highly detailed, well-written article! I live near Windsor ON and plan to do the same as soon as I locate a suitable heating unit. I am also looking at making a directional shutter to place on top of the orifice where the heat vents out, in order to duirect the flow of hot air. Details will follow!
  3. Hello all, Does anyone know where one might find a smart parts book? Does the MB parts book include smart numbers? Is this available through EPC? Please advise. Thanks!
  4. Update on my cars. The Road Warrior, i.e. the one sent to the dealer, was fixed via a flushing and cleaning of the fuel tank in situ and replacement of multiple ignition parts for quite less than I expected. I have ordered a new exhaust since the old one was destroyed. Have found a complete set of black panels to replace the bad ones that came with the car. The vehicle is now sheltered at my son's garage where I work on it. After repairs are complete, I shall baseline all fluids and check the braking system. I would like to lift the vehicle ever so slightly so that the chassis can accept 4 each 165R80-15 tires for all-season use. May need to redo the CV boots as well. For the interior, I need a 2009 turn signal stalk, which was broken off by the very negligent teenage prior owner, one reason for dad selling it to me. I also need to remove the seats and clear out the coins and other items jammed into the tracks, making them non-adjustable seats. Then a new windshield and car #1 is road ready! For car #2, Extensive engine work will be needed, possibly a replacement 0,9L non-turbo Mitsubishi petrol engine. But that's down the road. And presumably, everything else works or is in basically sound condition. Am looking for your recommendations on all fluids as I baseline the vehicle. THANKS!
  5. Hello Goat, Hope I can help. I do not have this problem on my smart but I have had a similar problem on my diesel vehicles, Mercedes and GMC. In each case, I replaced the solenoid after cleaning that area and greasing it lightly. In some cases, I just took the entire solenoid apart and cleaned it. With bigger trucks solenoids are available but expensive, so it was worth it to do this with the GMC trucks. I don'r know how available the smart car solenoids are, so it might be worth it if you can take your time and work on the smart. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks, leadwing! I am always skittish about violating the unwritten rules of a club. Some people might not like a non-smart interest, thank you for clarifying, I will bring some photos! I will bring some photos soonest for incorporation, now that the smart has a heated home at my son's place! Soon-- to work! Au travail!!
  7. Hi Mike, To keep items together, I have four old laptops, one each for MB/Volvo/Citroen/VW Thing. Yes I have photos, but on another PC. Will have to transfer them if showing other cars is not an issue for the moderators (??).
  8. Hello Nigel, Thanks for your kind advice. I will look up Glenn smart142 and ask him about body panels!
  9. Hello all, I am actually in the US, right across from Windsor, ON. There are not that many smarts around here, certainly it seems that you have more! I now own two smart cas, both are009 year 451 Passion coupes. The first I got for $1.00 from a man who wanted to punish his son for abusing the car and constantly running out of gas. I have drained and cleaned the tank, replaced the oil, battery, plugs and she starts well! What I need to do: 1. Replace the exhaust: it was the standard one and I am looking for a replacement, new or used. These have side exhaust pipes 2. Check over brakes and brake systems 3. Replace the coolant and gearbox fluid, would love recommendations 4. The car is all black and I need a driver's side black fender, which are color-impregnated, not painted per se. 5. I also want to add a trailer hitch as a way to add a spare tire carrier on the back. I am a retired diesel mechanic and have started getting documentation. I worked for MB and Chrysler and have written service manuals as well. I just need info and some make this a running car without any issues. It looks so nice that I may not drive it until April! The second car has been more seriously damaged since the timing belt broke, with unknown damage. That will require some engine surgery! or a transplant. I would also like to get a new or used STAR machine a real on, if possible. Can send money to Canada via bank or PayPal. Your assistance appreciated. I speak French as well as English so I can help you folks perhaps in some way as well. strelnik. PS- I also own Citroen cars: 1937 Traction, 1973 DS21, 1964 2CV!
  10. Hello, Am a new own on the Michigan side of Canada, lol. I have acquired 2 each 451 cars, each of which has a host of issues. One is going to the dealers for diagnosis. The other I will check out because it needs a new 0.9L gas engine - non turbo- and I need parts sources. I have gotten lots of data on the vehicles and I have a good OBD-II scanner, so we'll see how this works. Maybe we can do a smart Dream Cruise with a convoy next years during the Detroit Dream Cruise-- Hands across the water (the Detroit River, lol)!!