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  1. My front signal light is burned out. This is an opportunity to move them back where they belong. I'm trying to follow this guide, but there's no photos. Is there supposed to be a male connector for the EU signal light location? I understand I need to disconnect the Canadian light location, and connect the Euro location with some wire splicing. I have the bulb in my hand, in the fitting that holds it in the light, and all that - but there's no wires to connect in to. I don't yet have the front clip off. Does anyone have any photos to share of the mod? The internet is a sad place when you go looking for old things. So much knowledge being lost!!
  2. Thanks. That's obvious. I'll keep an eye out.
  3. All right, I figured it out. The driver side has a connector with a terminated pair of wires. The passenger side has a bulb, but no connector and no pigtails. I suspect a previous owner is responsible, as one light is clearly newer. So - the next question - where do I get a pigtail. Cheap?
  4. I see that Transport Canada had MB issue a recall for the 2005/06 smart cars. (TC file number 3280-10-41 resulting in recall 2012-400) Called up the local MB dealer and they told me there's no active recalls. My passenger door is... unreliable. It's primarily a single user car, but it sucks that I can't have passengers. Any suggestions?
  5. It went away and never came back! Maybe the battery was low.
  6. Started the car this morning and the yellow exclamation mark next to the parking brake light didn’t turn off. I don’t have a manual, unfortunately. What is this light meant to indicate? I think it is the one that flashes when traction control kicks in, which would lead to ABS issues. I’m not overly concerned so long as the engineers didn’t decide to also include “no oil” in the list of things that turn that light on!
  7. But it’s on solidly. If it’s traction control then it’s fine, just need to get it read with STAR. The list goes on.
  8. That’s regrettable. It’s always sad to see a community disbanded. Hopefully the posts are in’s way back machine.
  9. Good to know. I still think I like the i3 better because of the optional gas and having four seats, but it remains to be seen how these things all age.
  10. I like my 450 and the Smart ED seems like a cool car, but for electric drive/newmarket/ontario/5_49364892_on20080219170250766/?showcpo=ShowCpo&ncse=no&orup=1_4_4&pc=N3C 1A1&sprx=100 - it's still a bit steep. Any idea who built the drivetrain for these?
  11. Snow stuck today until midmorning. There was hail for a brief time three weeks ago on Friday where I was, north of Parry Sound!
  12. Oh damn, I missed that 😂. 591k miles on a smart with original AC would be quite some feat.
  13. My $0.02 - Big Box Toro isn't the same as your local independent Toro dealer. They look the same, but they cost-cut something about it. Maybe the wheels are plastic, maybe the auger is made of cheese, but it's not the same.The model numbers are XYZ-HD sometimes, or they're sneakier. So to get to my $0.02, go visit the local small equipment guys before buying something at the box stores. Toro makes a good blower. Ariens is what I've seen used a fair bit in commercial applications, but Toro is definitely growing. Leadwing, i just noticed your signature. Can you perform the ritual on my car so that my wife can have A/C again?
  14. I was replacing my window regulator the other day, and as I slid the exterior door panel back in place, the final top retaining clip snapped off. Previous owners have been at least as careless as myself unfortunately. - is this a problem? Will the door fall off, or is the seal, side mirror, and door handle combination enough to hold it in place? - Does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement door panel in Ontario? It's silver. I could bug smart142, but I thought I'd ask here first.
  15. One, sure. I've got nothing left at the top of the panel!
  16. Yes - if the battery is severely discharged you won't be able to jump it. 10.5 is severely discharged. I'd wire in a known-good battery (e.g. the battery from the jump-starting vehicle) and check that; if you still can't start it, investigate other problems.
  17. My windowshield definitely doesn't seal on the passenger side, but my water ingress was through the rear side windows - don't forget to check there. My battery was floating and my floors are rusty!
  18. The first step is admitting you have a problem! lol. If I had storage space and time to work I'd be in the same situation, perhaps not with so many smarts though.
  19. I think you'd need to be able to control the clutch properly to make the car workable for offroading. LooseLugNuts I do not recall what colour it was, sorry!
  20. This would be more useful for me! I met a guy who built one in Sudbury a couple weeks ago.
  21. Darren, there is a certificate - it works... OK. It's just not the default. A lot of the javascript doesn't load though. It's all coded to use the insecure connection and Chrome/Firefox (correctly) block it from loading before HTTPSEverywhere can rewrite it. It is a server/load balancer fix. Willys, chrome is a great browser.
  22. +1 to LooseLugNuts. Dyed fuel is *very* dyed. Old fuel can grow bacteria; I don't know what color that is.
  23. The site does not by default encrypt communications between your computer and itself. This is observed by noting that the URL starts with "http://" not "https://". This means that if I'm sitting next to you in a coffeeshop I can use an easily-available, totally legal program to see your password as it flies by over the wifi. Anyone who runs the equipment between you and the site can do the same. It's a basic privacy thing as well. The site *does* support TLS (secure) connections, but it's not on by default, and some parts of the page break (specifically, the private messaging from what I've seen). I use a plugin called HTTPS Everywhere to encourage my web browser to use TLS to connect to websites, and I made a rule for ClubSmartCar. However, there's a few bugs to be worked out. TLS used to (and for many sites still does) cost more than not enabling encryption. It has a *very small* increase in the load on the server, but unless you're running massive scale Internet infrastructure you won't notice - and the people who do need to provide secure services so they just accept the cost. However, there's a number of ways to work around not having TLS enabled on your website, and there's been a movement lately to Encrypt the Web which has made more organizations provide secure connections. As part of this, a couple years ago the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc) decided that they'd stick the warning label on websites that are either not TLS-secured or ask for a password without TLS - I think Chrome gets shouty about anything that's *not* TLS secured and Firefox only gets shouty about asking for passwords without secure connection (which is fair because it's a big no-no). So the short answer is that when the site was created, using secure connections was not really too common, but now it's far more common. And the website mostly works with a secure connection, but not always. More information: