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  1. Good news for someone & bad news for me. I found a Brabus car that I've been looking for a long time. With that, I need to sell my 2005 Smart Convertible. If you know of anyone in the Smart Community that may be interested, they can send me an email at michael.montemurno@amcor.com. I will just mention a few highlights on the car here. - The car was purchased in Canada new, I was driven directly to Florida, where it spent most of it's life. - The second owner bought the car in Florida, & drove it Minneapolis. He planned to use it as a rolling billboard for his small business. - I purchased the car 2 years ago, & it was to replace my motorcycle. I used it only in the summer, top was down 95% of the time. - The car has about 45,000 miles on it. - The back plastic window is NEW & has been on the car for about 3 months. I had them put in TINTED plastic, to match the other windows in the car. - I have ALL documentation on this car since the day it was purchased. - The ONLY reason I'm selling it, is because of the purchase of the Brabus car. - The engine has been chipped, to add a few more horsepower. - If someone has interest in it & can Face Time me, we can virtually walk around the car & I can answer any questions. - There's too many scammers out there to put my phone number here, but it will be in my email back to you. - If I had to pick something that the car needs, I would say maybe brake pads, there are some paint chips that could be repaired, maybe the air conditioner could be charged ( air is cold, but I feel it could be colder ), & that's really about it. - The only real negative, is there is rust corners of each one of bars that go over the top of doors. This is a common problem with these cars. - I replaced the low beam headlight bulbs on both lights yesterday. - I would like $5900.00 for the car. Please feel free to make a reasonable offer. - Again, please email me with questions at the email address listed above. - I have quite a few more pictures if you need them. - The care is located in Southern Minnesota.
  2. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect ! Thank you sir, I appreciate it.
  3. Here's my issue. My car has the end of the dipstick broken off...not the end that goes in the engine. I need to know how many inches ( or millimeters ), of stick there needs to be between the bottom of the stick & the top of the stick. Right now, I can push the whole dipstick all the way in. There's a yellow piece of plastic at the top end of the metal part of the dipstick. I was assuming that was the stop, but that also fits in the tube. Please help...
  4. Thank you. I just got the car, so at this point I really just need an oil dipstick & the latch that holds the engine cover closed. I do some work in Canada & I would like to see if I can pick up things as I need them when I'm there. I try to check with salvage yards in the area's that I visit....some respond back to me with no cars, & some don't respond back at all.
  5. I just recently purchased a 2005 Smart Passion CDI Cabrio. The car was originally purchased in Montreal, in June of 2006, & taken to West Palm Beach, Florida. 12 years later, it was bought by the person I bought it from, & was brought to Minnesota. I am looking for some advice on the car, a good place to find parts, & so on. Let me be the first person to welcome me....