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  1. I own a 2001 600cc petrol engine 450 ForTwo with a knackered engine. So the car itself has the Zee unit. Looking online it seems secondhand 700cc petrol engines are more readily available as opposed to 600cc ones. Will a 700cc petrol engine run in a car that was built with a 600cc engine?
  2. Sorry for the poor photo and description. Yes it is looking inside the clutch actuator through the motor mounting hole. When pushing the rod back manually in a vise, is it possible to push it back too far?
  3. Yep, I took it apart and was pretty much clean as a whistle already, no sludge etc, but gave it a quick blast of cleaner and fresh grease anyways before I refitted it and found the problem I hasten to add lol..
  4. Managed to find time and weather today to refit the actuator. I noticed when I was lining up the slots in the fixing holes that the actuator was fully forward, unyet there was no sign of the rod feeling like it was touching the clutch fork paddle. I ran the diagnostic/teaching machine all ok. However, when I started up and selected any gear, the engine has to come up to at least 2500 rpm before the car moves. Any suggestions?
  5. Nah, I didn't take it apart. Gonna bolt it back on the car tomorrow and see what it does.
  6. Thanks LooseLugNuts for your reply. I was hollering before I was hurt lol I put it back in the vise and pushed it all the way in and it stayed in place.
  7. So, I made a mahoosive mistake today by unbolting the clutch actuator whilst it was in the fully extended position. I just put it in a vise and tried pushing the rod back in, and it goes back ok, but as soon as I loosen the vise, the rod just springs back out. Anything im doing wrong??
  8. Anyone in east London/Essex with a star machine? I’ve got a 2001 Smart Fortwo with the 3 bars syndrome. I’ve checked all the usual suspects but still no joy. Looking for someone with a star machine to have a look at it and possibly have a go at reteaching the transmission. Any help will be much appreciated. Sincerest regards.
  9. Hoping to get the car up in the air tomorrow, pull the rear left wheel off and have a look at the wiring. Does the intercooler have to come out in order to pull the wiring loom up into the engine hatch?
  10. Already swapped the actuator out and checked the clutch fork but thanks for the advice 👍🏻😊
  11. Just stumbled across this thread whilst googling "3bars" My smart 450 is currently refusing to move whilst displaying the 3 bars. Hoping to find some time in the next few days to pull all the gearbox wiring out and give it a good inspection. Part of me is hoping that I find some bare wires just in the hope that it solves the
  12. Thanks for your reply. The yellow wire goes to the Meg. I have just removed both plugs from the Meg and everything was clean, no signs of corrosion. Definitely making sure i press the unlock button every time before I try starting it lol.
  13. Next steps is to pull the Meg unit out and have a look at the plugs and sockets. I started to access it today ( I got the top 3 screws undone) but the weather beat me to it. Lol
  14. Thank you so much for all your helpful replies. Unfortunately, wiring isn't my strongest subject. lol Now I know I can start it by connecting the yellow wire to the ground, im tempted to fit a door bell style push button to simplify the starting problem. lol Modern cars have push button engine start after all. lol
  15. Finally managed to find a spare five minutes to have a look at the Smart today. Drew up a spreadsheet with all the plug numbers, pin numbers, wire colours, functions and spaces to write down what I found. Rigged up a test lamp and connected up one end to the brown ground earth pin and started working my way through each other pin in all three plugs for voltages with the ignition in positions 0, 1 and 2. Got to the point where the ignition was in position 1, and as I touched the test lamp probe on the yellow wire of the middle plug, pin number 5, the car burst into life!! I let it run for a while before switching off via the key, but when I tried to restart on the key, still nothing, but touch the yellow wire again and we fired up. Any pointers anyone?? Whilst it was running, I noticed I still have the three bars of death on the dashboard, and when I tried putting it in gear, it didn't show any sign of moving. But that's another hurdle, im just glad smart is breathing again. lol