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  1. Thats sounds like a lot of parts lol you can find some good ones on - hand brake cable - clutch realease system They also have intake manifold and turbo gaskets: - - Good luck with the rebuid and keep us posted!
  2. Thank you all for the tips!
  3. The duct where the EGR meets the intake duct has a dark greasy leak (like engine oil) out of it: have no idea how the valve looks like inside but and at least for now there are no dash lights on. Was thinking of using Liqui Moly Diesel Intake System Cleaner to clean up the whole intake. Also the air filter is soaked in greasy black dirt; guy who owned before was a construction worker and farm owner (front radiator was packed with of hay !!) He must have recently changed the cabin filter because it looked new Would very much appreciate to join but I still have to get the car on my name and most importatly get my G2 licence!
  4. Just bought a CDI forwtwo and was having some doubts: - never driven a semi-auto car before so was wondering does the car always need the acceleration pedal pressed to drive? I was expecting the car to creep ahead when on 1st gear but mine doesn't do it - how many diesel fuel filters does it have? Is there only the filter w/ water sensor (MANN WK 842/23) or does it need also the inline fuel filter as the EURO spec car? - is it safe to use a diesel intake cleaner? And lastly, does anyone know of a good mechanic for smart cars here in the Windsor area?
  5. Hi Everyone! Fresh new recruit of the Smart Car army here: I have just bought a 2006 CDI fortwo passion as my first car. Had 155.000 km on it and It needed a steering tie rod on driver's side and a new exhaust pipe (guy who sold it to me had a straight pipe bolted on instead, which makes it sound funny). Car seemed to have had a decent servicing history but I plan to do some intake system cleaning (will it clean the EGR?), an engine flush and a diesel purge cycle.