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  1. How is your fuel economy? If it is exceptionally good chances are you might have a stuck open EGR valve
  2. Just an update on this muffler. After few hundred kms the bracket "tongue" that the muffler sits on snapped and left the muffler bouncing on the bracket top and heat shield behind it, producing a hellish rattling sound as you would expect. Probably I've tightened the bolts too much but the thing is there is no damping in the whole mounting since it didn't come with a rubber bushing. So if you're getting one of these, along with the rust proofing, do put a rubber somewhere between the muffler and the bracket, the vibrations from a 3cyl diesel especially at idle are too much for a rigid mounting. Also, I didn't find any drain hole in the thing.
  3. Car has new alternator and Ukrainian muffler bolted on. Will have the Polish EGR delete kit put on (EGR was stuck open) along with a new SAM connector to fix dead front right headlight and handbrake tightening. Will be safetied as well. New MANN filters all around and run on premium Liqui Moly oil (getting around 550km from a full tank). 2019 CARFAX report available Has front winter tyres and rear summers. It needs new A/C unit and radio code from MB. Location: Windsor Asking price $3000 OBO Feel free to PM or txt 226-340-9301
  4. ALL ITEMS SOLD Selling parts that had bought but never put on the car. Alternator came with a small hit on the regulator case but it got bench tested at Power House here in Windsor and it works fine. Thermostat and belts OEM parts from german parts, alternator is J&N chinese part. Have a similar one on the car and already clocked 20k kms and counting. 50$ For belts and thermostat + shipping 50$ Alternator + shipping Feel free to PM me if interested
  5. Found this ad on Kijiji, seems like a good deal for anyone looking for a parts car:
  6. Same happened to me last winter and was able to open the passenger door using this, no need to smash windows: You just need something, long, stiff and thin enough to squeeze between glass and the seals which are pretty soft...and lots of patience. Work on the front side of the glass just above the handle and pry open it leveraging on the glass.
  7. Using Liqui Moly Special Tec LL 5W30 with half a cup of MoS2 anti-friction additive, she purrs to 500km+ on a single tank city only driving and with a failing turbo. 0W definitely better for cold winter cranking but I personally don't see the benefit of a 40 even in summer given how little heat the tiny cdi engine generates.
  8. My ukrainian muffler is on his way, I mean stuck in an airport somewhere, any tips on how to rust proof this cheap can to have it last a little longer? Can POR-15 work on galvanized steel?
  9. Yes that will be a job for Uncle Glenn I guess, intercooler definitely needs a check as well as EGR and wastegate actuator. The hiccups were not a fuel problem (old filter had really clean diesel coming in and out of it), has to be something turbo or EGR related.
  10. Also I tried to run the car on Diesel Purge for a really good injector cleaning but failed miserably: pulled fuse 16 from the box to kill the feed pump and plugged on the return and feed lines to the car (you can easily short circuit the tank lines as well as shown). I then hold my breath and try to crank the car several times, but even with me trying to prime the thing with my mouth I I realized I was just going to kill the high pressure pump and stopped; ended up giving up and driving home with diesel fumes filled mouth.... This engine really needs a good priming when the fuel lines are opened; after putting back everything in place (remember the fuse 16!) and turning ignition on and off for 10 times (I could hear the bubbles in the lines bleeding away) the car cranked on the very first attempt. Strange of how many videos show the procedure done on TDIs, TDCIs and other CDI engines that crank up right from the Diesel Purge bottle, specially engines that done come with the feeder pump as some TDCIs.
  11. Have been working on the car and at least for now it seems the problem has gone, here is a list of what I did: - replaced Air Filter and cleaned the Intake Vent (car had a greased up K&N filter on it, if someone is interested I can clean it up and ship it for free, still I don't see why would this car need a HP filter, can't believe 0.8 turbo diesel is air restricted by design - replaced the fuel filter following the very useful guide from CANMAN (getting that water sensor out was a real struggle!) and filled up the tank with around half liter of CRC-1 Tank Power Renew for Diesel (was on sale at CT) If someone is interested in the crown plastic sleeve I can ship it for free (the MANN filter doesn't need it as it has no step on the bottom of it) - pulled out the boost pressure sensor and cleaned it and put some tape on the harness (my car has this red emulator looking thing and the MAP is not bolted on the engine but was free to move around) The car has an overboost code on it, hopefully will deal with that on my soon to come visit to Uncle Glenn.
  12. My car started to suffer from hiccups when accelerating in low gears and mid revs (seems to be particularly bad at around 2000RPM); when this happens sometimes the car makes a backfiring sound as well. The problem has just gotten worse recently with a bad hesitation in take off and the hiccups are making the cracking very rough and shaky. Just checked the oil and cleaned the air filter, car had a check engine light for a while now and has no muffler on it.
  13. I would be very much interested as well in any good quality aftermarket mufflers for the 450. The previous owner bolted a straight pipe on mine and the rattling sound it makes when idling is all but enjoyable, especially for my neighbours next to the driveway. Was considering this one but was not sure if it fits the diesel 450. Is there any difference in dimensions and mounting between the petrol and diesel mufflers?
  14. Recycling at its finest: reusing! Managed to get the doors open, realised that when the car is locked the door handles oppose much resistance, especially when you are trying to push the handle with a katana sword replica and a spoon handle taped on its point in freezing cold. Also noticed that the passenger side upholstery was slightly moist (which explains the fogging problem so common with this car) with clear signs of rust, but can't pinpoint any source of a leak. Battery dead for good, will get a 12V charger and plug it in.
  15. Here are some links: In general you may google KP31 and the chinese made turbos will pop up, it seems many ebay sellers are selling these products with higher prices than the chinese sources. Since you are in Italy you may look for MEAT & DORIA 65022, they are a great OEM quality supplier just outside Turin and may get one of their turbos for just under 400€