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  1. I just purchased an iCarSoft MBII which is just for MB type vehicles. It immediately showed me the fault was from low resistance in driver's seat, I checked and re-connected plugs under seat, then re-set the codes. All is now fine with code gone, also useful in clearing codes from SAM, re-setting service notice etc. This scanner comes in numerous models, however the software in the model is specifically for MB products including Smart.. If you are in the chilliwack area, I am able to help you, I have lots of time being retired.
  2. I purchased the iCarSoft MBII from Amazon which is designed for just MB products. Reset my airbag from removing the drivers seat, then cleared a code in SAM about a remote being used with battery dead or reversed polarity. Now for some reason after clearing the service code (yearly notice) the car runs great. I no longer have the lurching from a cold start. For $149 delivered from Amazon, I am very happy.
  3. Try and be honourable and give him his $300, it's the right thing to do.
  4. can you advise me where you bought the kit and how much, I am wanting about a 2 inch lift for my 2011