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  1. I’m back! Good news. I had a lot of help to get here. Thanks all. Keys have been taught in . All the cars systems seem good. Door locks have always worked from the fob. I had a continuous blinking key and the dots of the gas gauge. Still no start. Issue now is (in neutral, foot on brake) I turn the key I hear what I think is the starter relay clicking. Nothing else. I do hear the transmission move through gears and the digits on the dash go with it. I’ve read all sorts of things like corrosion in the alternator or the starter. The ground strap, and I bet that’s part of its. I loose a volt when I test from the positive of the battery to the block. I did take a jumper cable and bonded the block to the negative terminal then I get the same voltage I get up front. A good 12.5+. Any idea , any further plan of attack I would be great full
  2. Thanks! As long as it don't have anything to do with the SAM (my issue right now). I did pull all the plugs out of that connector and sprayed them down with cleaner. I did clean up those terminals. I was loosing a volt between the positive battery terminal and any ground in the area (and at the SAM positive in). I ran a battery jumper from the battery negative terminal back to the engine and got my volt back everywhere. I need to find the rear ground bolt and clean up the motor to body braid.
  3. Work of art. I have a 2006 CDI. It is a sin how nasty it looks. I just want to get it running (another thread there). Once I get it on the road a while I will see if I feel it need a rebuild Probably.
  4. New owner of a 2006 Smart 450 CDI. I am working a no start and SAM issue. I got in touch with a forum member and currently waiting for a C3 MUX and am going to male a SMART computer. Had the SAM, ECU, dash all 'fixed' by SOS in the US and the keys don't seem to work. I done a lot of work checking wires. Before I got the car the radio was hacked out. Wires cut. I don't see this radio was on the CAN. I did find a white plug behind the battery. Bo mating connector like this. I have looked for wire diagrams for the car with no luck. Can you tell me what this is. what is dose where it goes. Mine might be missing or cut. Thank you.
  5. Well I got the service codes cleared (thank you!). Started cleaning wire connections up. Vacuumed the car out too. I have to find the end of the negative wire back by the engine. I still am thinking the ECU is not talking. I pulled out the connectors and sprayed them with cleaner and made sure none of the pins on the ECU are bent. I still have 12.5 out of the battery, and 11.7 from positive battery terminal to the frame. There she is. Sunburnt and on 3 wheels. I still might change the ECU back to my supposedly programed backup and I need to get the the gear selector plug. I get it running I will get new tires on it. More tomorrow. Thanks all.
  6. I doubt it (dunked). It did live within 5 miles of the Gulf of Mexico for a long time. I’ve had the mats and rugs out a while. No rust. Under Is very clean with very little rust at all. I have a good title. My guess is a Canadian snow bird brought it here. No signs of tow brackets (like an RV TOWED) . Getting out there soon to hunt down the positive terminal block behind the dash. I got an idea to take the positive wire off the SAM, the battery and put a meter to on it to look at resistance. See if the positive line is all good, where the voltage drop is. I assume the SAM needs 12/13 volts and not 11. I cleaned the battery terminals and the ground bolt by the battery. I’ll clear the service code. I’ll go over the terminals again. I have a perfect old laptop, a good copy of Windows 7. Work on the rest later. Thanks all. Get you all better pics. It’s pretty sad right now. I need to clean it up on the outside, just want it running first.
  7. All, thanks. I’m very grateful for the help. I am all for making a STAR. Had been looking on the net. I’ll look here later today (8:25 local). I am a retired system engineer. Something I can do. I noticed I have 13.5 at the battery and 11 into the SAM. I cranked down on the ground bolt by the battery. No help. Battery is in the floor by the passengers feet. Lots of Canadians down here. eBay, 2010, wow. Car is in good shape. Very little rust. Probably summer only in QC and not much rust down here. Just lots snd lots of rain in the summer.
  8. Pulse, 314864. It's that blue. Thanks. Been trying to figure it out on my own over at Evilution. kane is pretty good at answering his emails. But no forum. Was hoping for some crowd help. Thanks for looking at the vid both of you. I have two new keys supposedly mated right. Both do the same thing. They will unlock the car and back window.
  9. Nigel, thanks, okay your right, 450. Got confused over on Evilution. No go on the unlock (locks do unlock, get in in, foot on the break, key in and turn key. Still get the flashing key and dinging). I really think SOS did me wrong. Key flashes non stop. Interior light comes on and goes off proper too. Going to send them back to SOS unless a miracle happens this weekend. will look up B service and how to clear it. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  10. Greeting. I trust all who see this are safe. An introduction. Name is Chris R. Live in south Florida USA. Not from here originally. I am retired and good with cars and wires. The Smart was something different. I found it in a wreckers yard in 2018. Car was in super good shape for a 2006 fortwo CDI. Story I got was it belonged to an old man. The old man went shopping at a local market and died from a heart attack. No family. The car sat a few weeks and the city had the on contract towing company drag it off the lot, no keys. I saw in the wreckers yard, and asked about it, paid 1200$ US for the car, a new key (I had no idea what that take), title, running and dropped off at my door. I got the car dropped buy a roll back at my home 2 months later with a title and a new console they got from a different wrecker with a key. They had no idea how the SAM worked either. So one thing lead to another. I sent the SAM, ECU, cluster a spare SAM and ECU to SOS Diagnostics, Oregon USA. They first spare SAM I got off of eBay was bad. So I had to buy another one (this is all their requirements to do the work). A month later I had the programed SAM and ECU back for close to 1100$ US. I took a month to get to it. Last week I put in the ECU, and SAM. A few things. Someone stole the radio while it was in the wrecker's lot, I had a locksmith with a STAR computer. he could not teach in the key. That's when I called SOS. So I put in the SAM and ECU, the immobilizer released and the newly programmed key unlock the door and back window. I get lights, wipers, window washer. I turn the key, I hear what I think is a fuel pump and a click in the SAM. Nothing from the starter at all. The dash, I don't see the transmission indicator, I get a blinking key non stop. a wrench and some other things. I can run the shifter through the gears and hear the motor moving under the car. I have been talking to Kane over at Evilution. He thinks SOS didn't program the ECU right. SOS asked me to use my universal ODB2 reader and software to see if the ECU was there. I can't see the ECU. Kane looked at a video I took when I turned the key and he saw I had a gas gauge, he said that means the SAM is talking to the ECU. I have made sure the battery is 13 volts + DC. I put a meter on the blue wire that should energize the starter and get nothing out of it when I am turning the key. I am wondering the if CAN ran through the radio and is broke due to cut wires? Any ideas how to further check the SAM ECU?? Can I put 12 volts on the blue wire when I am turning the key to see if the starter turns. I noticed tonight that I have 11.5 volts on the red power wire coming into the SAM. The battery is 13 + volts?? I know I am asking a hundred Please forgive me. I hope someone can give me a good idea what to do. If I can prove to SOS they did not program the ECU right they will replace it they told me. Please forgive me. This is the link to the video I took of the dash when I turned the key. I hoping some of you seasoned Smart owners can tell me what it all means and maybe give a good idea what to try. Thanks much.{f}%3Fo%3DAppMY9vKWtRVRhnTnmg4Kazq7WgkLwoJVKg8RsfYF3hi%26v%3D1%26x%3D3%26a%3DCAogvWQtBt-8P7e_mgME1PWSaT4ryujHhV5u_p8mxiJrTS4SeBCttvGF9S4Yrcbs2f4uIgEAKgkC6AMA_3L1-jBSBMjyR4RaBFLHcYJqJpfR0tzqeN4OAAbKDwlzBqjdXhV_beJZ1K5Azdju69Kugr5QjqjFciaTzPA87XK5CDt75DgQDUMlMDw7aBVXFyYfIR2-hxE_Bgz39RyamQ%26e%3D1614559257%26fl%3D%26r%3D6C17AACB-304E-47CA-AAB3-12B69668ED2A-1%26k%3D%24{uk}