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  1. I am so sorry to hear that! I just PM'd you and didn't realize that this had happened. Buggers!!!
  2. I'd like to leave a review, but I'm not sure how.... I do want to say that Izzy is very knowledgable, personable & SUPER helpful ! I am sooo grateful that he is here in Edmonton! Thank you Izzy! ***** (5 Stars!)
  3. Thank you everyone! You are all so helpful!
  4. Do you think it would be okay if I connected the cord while the car is in the parkade and drive home with it wrapped around one of the mirrors as we used to do in years gone by? The lighting and temperature much more agreeable, but I'm not sure that's the best idea. My cord is quite long.
  5. All Great Info! Thank you Everyone! I have one more question regarding the block heater plug.... I thought I had it connected last night, but apparently not... try as I might, I am not able to get the cord to plug in well enough to screw it in place... does anyone have any suggestions? It did start at -35 this morning, but was a very cold drive and by the time I got to work my PJ was very difficult to steer. it's now in the underground parkade where its nice and warm. Does anyone else have this issue? Thank you
  6. Hello Everyone! It's going to be VERY cold here in Edmonton in the next while and I'm trying to figure out how to plug in my block heater cord... With it only being 3 prongs on the car and several on the end of the cord (7 little holes to be percise), I am wondering if I have the correct cord? Is it just a particular line up to accomodate the 3 prongs? (I apologize for my poor spelling )
  7. Thank you so much! That’s very helpful! 😊
  8. My 2006 CDI Fortwo’s interior heater seems to only have one level of output. It only seems to blow on full power, when I move the little switch down to a lower speed there seems to be nothing. 😏. I’ve checked and replaced the fuse, is this just something I have to live with?
  9. Hahaha! Yes you did! 😃 and I Thank you 🙏🏻 the EGR was super dirty and seemed almost seized right up, so Izzy replaced it for me. Now it runs awesome! I Highly recommend Izzy and this forum! Sooo many great people! 👌
  10. Hi, I have recently been gifted a 2006 CDI and I’m having some trouble getting used to it. It’s been sitting in BC for the past couple of years and I’m having an issue where it intermittently loses power and won’t rev over 3,000rpm.. from what I’ve been reading on this site .. it does seem like a plugged waste gate hose. Does anyone know what the expected mileage would be if it’s not a plugged hose?
  11. Wow! Izzy is Awesome! 😎. My smart car’s issue was the EGR and Izzy fixed it right up! Runs Great now! 👍. Thank you Stickman 007 😁
  12. Thank you for the heads up. I have spoken with him and am hopefully meeting up with him in the near future. You are right! He is VERY knowledgeable!
  13. Thank you! I have texted him.