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  1. Well when I disconnected the SAM to fix the power to the fuel pump issue somehow my key wouldn’t communicate with the car anymore. Due to not having the software to program the key myself I had to have the dealer do that. But the bypass worked for the fuel pump issue. I’ve still got a lot to learn about these cars. Baby steps. But all my problems started after I put this sticker on the car. Lol
  2. My smart car is back on the road!!! Thanks everyone for all of your info! Glad I didn’t go the route of pulling the tank and replacing the fuel pump!!! Thank you for stopping me lol.
  3. Lol living here in Florida it’s rough with no AC. My truck didn’t have AC for the last two years so I’m kinda used to not having it even in the summer heat but it would be nice to have again!! But we are getting in to our “winter” now lol so it won’t be 95 during the day it will be more like 80.
  4. So far everyone on here has been very knowledgeable and I really do appreciate it! I know everyone probably has better things they could be doing but the help is amazing! yes my car did come from a snow bird that pulled in behind their motor home from Canada. Lol it’s in pretty good condition for coming from Canada as well. my next mission will be replacing the AC compressor. The old one is seized up and I was given a brand new one with the car. But man it’s in a bad location. I will let you guys know how everything goes!
  5. Unfortunately I did not disconnect the power for the SAM. the problem I’m running in to is that no one here knows anything about the car, I can’t get parts anywhere locally and no one will work on them because they just don’t have the programs to do so. I drove a ford until it just wouldn’t go anymore. You could do anything to that truck and it was so simple to work on. Got this thing for cheap and don’t know anything about them. The information online is very limited. This forum is the only place I’ve found so far that has good information. But when I put the key in everything come on like normal I just get the flashing key on the dash and it won’t turn over. I didn’t put the fuel pump on a different circuit I put it on the one it came from.
  6. This is the connection after I bypassed it.
  7. So I bypassed the burnt connection by using a special little adapter got it all hooked up but to do so I completely disconnected the SAM and now my key lost its programming. How in the world do I get that Linked back up.
  8. So I pulled the Sam out and noticed there is one connector that is melted. How do I go about bypassing this connection or repairing the melted pin.
  9. Wow see that’s why I came to the forum. I’m going to look at it again in the morning when I get to work. Luckily here in Florida the winter isn’t bad at all. Our rainy season is what’s rough. So outside splicing is not good.
  10. Lol I appreciate it!! That was a thought thrown out after seeing how hard it was to remove the tank. I just don’t even really know where to begin with the car. It’s my first diesel and then on top of that it’s a tiny little car with everything jam packed. I will make cutting in to it my last resort. Is there a certain fuse for the fuel pump? I don’t remember seeing it in the book. Left the car at work because I couldn’t get it started.
  11. Thank you guys for responding. I do believe it is in fact the fuel pump. Some how I got lucky and it finally started drive to work and it wouldn’t start again. Dropping the tank is a lot of work so I’m going to cut through the passenger floor under the seat and replace that way. I will let you know if it’s successful lol.
  12. So I purchased a 2005 CDI fortwo a few weeks ago. I live in Florida and it’s 60 degrees this morning car won’t start. When I first turn the key over I notice the glow plug light doesn’t come on for more than 1 or 2 seconds then goes off. Every video I have seen it comes on and stays on for a bit until the glow plugs are heated up then they start it. Haven’t really had any issues until this morning. Battery is brand new been trying to start it for about 30 minutes now. Any ideas? Thank you.