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  1. Thank you, and thank you BMW, I had the car checked by MB, it cost me 550, but at least I know. The car seems ok, will see...
  2. Hello everyone! I checked for Smart Fortwo EQ for few time now. I live in Vegas, Nevada, and not a lot of buying opportunity. I finally found one with a price I am ok with. The actual owner let me borrow it for the day by myself (very nice), and we will make the paper work, tomorrow. So today I have to decide!!! Few things are making me worried, he told me, he is the 2nd owner, he have it for 2 years and doesn't do any service on it. The Smart is from 2014, with 28000 miles and we decide for $5200. I saw we have to change the battery desiccant cartridges every 2 years, but because Vegas is very dry, may it is not an issue. I have an other question what is the factory warranty on the battery? "4 years or 50000 miles" OR "8 years or 62000 miles". Should I go to MB to check if everything is ok? Thank you so much in advance for your advices on this difficult choice and so happy to have finally one!