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  1. Hey all! Bouncing an idea off of you guys. I've had the three bars come up twice now on my 2006 ForTwo diesel. Once was on Dec 24th. It was damp and he quit right after I had run through a puddle. Cut the engine, waited for a few minutes, started him again and he was fine. I got him into the garage and dried him off over the Christmas holidays and he was fine, so I had assumed something had gotten damp and forgot about it until today. Dampness wasn't an issue today at a toasty -10 morning. He started fine (I cycled the glow plugs twice to be safe and he had no problem starting) and I started driving him to school. Sitting at a traffic light, he slipped into the 3 bars again. I turned him off and started again, still 3 bars. Shut him off, waited a few minutes, swore a wee bit, started him again and he was fine until I got to school. So here's what I'm thinking, and I hope I can get your thoughts on this. The past few weeks, he's been down-shifting HARD. Going from 40km to 30km has been really rough, he jumps and shudders. Speeding up is fine, but slowing down is reallllllly rough. Does this sound like a clutch issue? I read somewhere that the clutch might also trigger the three bars. Thoughts? Have you guys had to replace a clutch before?
  2. Thanks all! We do our own work to our cars, but this is our first Smart so we're learning as we go. It was second hand so we don't know a lot about its maintenance history, so hopefully we can figure it out when we have a chance to take a look.
  3. Do you know if the clutch actuator is electronic or hydraulic? I can't find anything online. Is this something that needs to be replaced or just cleaned?
  4. Crawling through the passenger door was not how I expected to start my day and I'm getting tired of it already! Driver's side door won't open from the outside or the inside. Any thoughts as to what may have caused this or how I can fix it? (2006 Smart Fortwo)
  5. No cables were broken! There was gunk frozen that made it the handle mechanism stop working (I don't know details, I'm just glad it opens!). I bought a cable from Star Motors, it was $65 CAD; not the handle with the cable, just a long cable. All I know is it isn't broken so I'll be returning the cable I bought. I think this might have happened; he lubed the cables and it's like brand new! I didn't notice it before it stopped working, but now that it has been serviced, I can tell it's been a little off for a while now.
  6. Problem solved! Sorry for the very limited amount of info (exam season, brain fried, send help) After reading your thoughts I thought it was a snapped cable because both handles (interior and exterior) were wiggling, just not opening the door. Passenger door was fine, so I didn't think it was just frozen. Parked in the underground garage for a few hours, still not working. Bought a cable and headed out to my mechanic who parked Bart in his nice and toasty garage and ta-da! Fixed! Cleaned the cables and handle that were gunked up and froze funny, screwing up the mechanism. Bart doesn't like the cold, and I can't blame him. Thanks for the advice, I'll find a nice warm garage somewhere and thaw him out once in a while. Seems to prefer that over the cold we're getting.
  7. Hey folks! New member and Smart driver here. I got my 2006 Fortwo in May (Diesel engine) so it will be my first winter driving him. Any tips? I have winters (Continentals on the front, Blizzaks on the rears) that I'm getting put on this weekend (along with an oil change). I plan on driving automatic, and I come from driving a 2003 Cadillac Seville (a wee bit of a size difference!). The Caddy was a tank in the snow and I was never worried about driving it in the winter, no matter the weather. I'm not as confident with the Smarty so please, ease my mind! I'm located in Ottawa and we had a lot of accumulation last year. Specific questions: How do they handle in heavy snow? On ice? On snowy, icy hills? What the heck are glow plugs and what does that mean for starting it? (I know, super basic. Bear with me.) Do I need to plug it in in the winter for it to start? And really, anything else you can think of that I haven't! Thanks everyone!
  8. Thanks again all for the advice! Bart survived his first Ottawa snow and it's coming down pretty hard out there! Definitely need to be more mindful turning at intersections than in my old car, but other than that he was pretty smooth sailing.
  9. Wow thank you all so much for your replies! Seems like the biggest thing is just common sense winter driving. I learned how to drive in the winter so winter driving doesn't scare me but I'm glad to hear the Smart will handle just like any other car. Sounds like the only thing I need is a long enough extension cord to plug him in on really cold nights. I've heard that after -20C is when you really need to plug in diesels. Does that sound about right?