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  1. I try to be very clean, was really mess when i take it, and yes i add 2-3 layers reduce the oil lost but still lose some, so decided to change with new.. i will check SW-SMART thanks!
  2. check if the engine grounding cable is ok. I rebuild the starter long time ago on my 451.... at the end was this cable cut and without that no engine life.
  3. I Cut the red marks and putt protection film.
  4. I have some fear about china turbo, but defently when my old turbo give up, I will buy something from there I follow all the reviews, original turbo is out of the price range.... Oh yes i cut the damm scoop up and down and left & right plastic bases (red circle) !!! And put on the intercooler side protector film, First i try to fix the old intercooler with no luck, i buy new Nissens (Denmark company for 100euro)
  5. Turbo have some scaf but working well till now.
  6. Hello from Greece, big thank's for inspire me in lot of things and one of that is to delete EGR end find happiness. I pressent you photo of different stage of my EGR delete. also replaced the intercooler, and turbo cleaned.