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  1. Would anyone know if it’s possible to adjust a smart car 451 brake pedal to make it lower as it’s too high ? Thanks Ammo
  2. Thanks, i will look into I'm from London, England.
  3. Thanks for the reply. No, no warning lights or codes. the service included oil change 5/30, Oil, Air Filter, Spark Plugs. other than that the car runs smooth. i'll get some ignition coils and battery and try that. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with a little advice. I bought a SMART fortwo 451 Pulse MHD recently and i love driving it. however one thing that bugs me is that when i start it, engine cranks, making a sluggish whirring sound, for longer than usual before the engine starts then chokes at 2k Revs For example, it takes a second or two to turn over and when it does is seems as if i'm getting a weak spark, Whereas my cousins passion 451 2008 and brothers pulse 451 2010 start instantly and you feel the power of the engine and choke. i thought it could of been the spark plugs but i serviced the car last week, I've even removed the battery and re added it but it did't seem to do anything. could this be something to do with the MHD, Starter motor or even ignition coils or battery? i don't want to be going changing stuff that doesn't need changing :-) I was hoping someone could advise me what it could be? Look forward to hearing from you. Ammo
  5. Buying a SMART CAR was the best thing I've ever done.