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  1. Just thought I'd give a bit of an update. I took my car to my mechanic to check it over but when I did it started first time everytime. My car has been performing a lot better recently, however, after a few hours doing deliveries the issue crops up again. Thankfully not as frequently as before and my car seems to start if I keep my headlights off and unplug my phone charger so I'm thinking my batterys low voltage may be causing the issues. What is everyone else's thoughts? I'd rather not replace the starter unless I absolutely have to.
  2. Thankfully it is nowhere near that cold in England. I plan to change the battery regardless as last year I had no issues starting during winter but this year is very sluggish. So that is definitely going to be replaced. I have also considered getting a jump starter to keep in my car in case of emergencies. I keep oil, spare bulbs, a small tool kit, tyre repair kit, windscreen repair kit and a few other things as part of my emergency breakdown kit in case of emergencies. Due to lockdowns though I am very restricted in spending. I've just had my front tyres replaced and wheel alignment done and I am currently out of money. The battery is next on my list as well as my rear brake shoes and wiper assembly. My battery takes priority as the other two aren't urgent. My jump starter will have to wait until after the other stuff is done as they take priority over this "luxury".
  3. The car starts, usually, really well. Although in the cold it does start really sluggishly. I left the car parked for 4 days and it turned over so slowly I was worried it wouldn't start so a new battery is definitely needed and I will be replacing it very soon. I've had the car almost 2 years and based on the condition I bought it in, I suspect the battery hasn't been changed in years. When I serviced my car I also did the pollen filter and that looked liked it hadn't been changed in years. The starter motor is what I'm mainly focused on right now though. My car started perfectly this morning but yesterday it wasn't having any of it and took 3 attempts before trying my little trick I stated in my original post.
  4. Thank you. I will have a look when I get a chance. Unfortunately I don't have any sandpaper or dielectric grease so I may have to ask my mechanic about that while he's doing some other work to my car.
  5. Hello everyone. I have had some trouble with my car starting recently. This has only happened twice in cold weather so far. When I put my key in the ignition and turn it to start the engine, the fuel pump activates but the starter motor does nothing at all. I have tested my battery, which does need replacing as it's voltage is at 11.6v after letting it sit for 24 hours in the cold and testing with no key in the ignition.That is what my FIXD app says at least. In fact I didn't even unlock the car to test the voltage, I just used my Bluetooth ODB device. Obviously I fully intend to replace the battery but although the low voltage does show a sluggish start, it does normally start. I did try a little trick I read about online where you switch the ignition off, lock the doors, then unlock, out your foot on the brake, then start and that seemed to work. So I thought I'd come and ask for advice here as this is the second time this has happened. Is my starter motor on its way out? I have a 2006 450 Pure 0.7l. Thanks in advance for any advice. Also I thought I thought I would show off my car and give you guys and gals a laugh. ­čśé
  6. I just serviced my 450. Never done a service on a car before as this is my first but after watching some videos and reading some guides I did the following: Changed oil filter Air filter Pollen filter the oil itself Spark plugs, all six And reset the service counter
  7. Hello everyone. I have been looking into buying some new alloy wheels for my 450 but most of the wheel sets have all wheels the same size. A while back I remember reading that the reason the 450s have smaller front wheels is down to safety as they tended to roll during the 40mph sudden swerve test. Is it worth buying a cool looking set or should I stick to the current set up? I thank you in advance for any advice.
  8. I took my car to my mechanic, he swapped out my engine on my car and is an experienced mechanic. He looked it over and said I got lucky and that the car just threw out the excess oil via the intercooler. All seems to be fine with the car, engine is running fine and the oil leak has stopped. I've also been checking the oil level frequently.
  9. I didn't realise that. I thought you could fill it up to the maximum line without issues. I accidently filled it to just over the maximum line but I had no way to extract the extra oil. I'll be sure to keep the oil level around the halfway mark in future. It's actually my first car and I've been doing my best to take care of it, including replacing the engine as the old one was leaking oil left, right and centre. I'm taking it to my mechanic tomorrow and he will see what damage has been done. The oil leak itself has stopped and the oil level is still at the maximum and the engine has been running fine.
  10. Hello everyone. I have gained an oil Leak on the left side of my engine. It happened after I put more oil in my car, I may have over filled it a little, and then went on a 300 mile round trip the following day. On my way home I stopped at a service station and noticed a sizeable puddle of oil underneath my car. Since getting my car home the leak has stopped, there's no new drips on the road or anything. The leak seems to be coming from just under the intercooler but I cannot see properly and would rather not lay under the car whilst jacked up on a scissor jack. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Smart 450 Pure 0.7 Petrol.
  11. Good idea. I was contemplating doing the work myself but my road is difficult to park in, let alone strip a car in. Also I only have a small toolkit and nothing near what I would need for that job. As for the cars mileage. It's done 81k so far. I don't think the previous owners took care of the car. The interior was a right state when I got it so I had all professionally cleaned inside and out.
  12. I am from Surrey and thank you. I kinda figured it woukd be a new engine. I found one already. Just ned to find someone to replace it.
  13. This white smoke does go away once the revs drop yes.
  14. Hello everyone. I'm not sure where to post this as you don't have a section for my specific car but this was the closest one. I currently own a Smart 450 2006 Petrol. My car has recently started using alot of oil and has a oil leak in the engine. When I first start the car, the idle can be a little rough and the engine in general sounds very "ticky" and not smooth like most cars (first time car owner). Also initially at start up the engine runs into high revs at idle, around 2,000 rpm, and pumps out white smoke and then settles down after a few minutes back to around 800-900 rpm. Any advice would be appreciated.