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  1. What are the three bars? I haven't noticed, will check though no oil anywhere on Diff I already checked my waveform for my injectors and entered them in my scopes database but i always like to compare to others or known good ones. seems normal though.
  2. Thanks guys for the info so far!!!!! I should have mentioned that I just bought the car this month with the engine performing poorly for a good deal. Also should have mentioned that it smokes at idle and throughout RPM range with engine loaded or not so I don't suspect turbo system (intercooler, hoses wastegate etc) In park when I press on gas pedal WOT I can barely get rpm up and in gear I can barely drive over a cigarette butt from a standstill. I tested injectors for proper misting and flow and they are fine. I will perform a cylinder compression test and remove exhaust this weekend and recheck. Thanks again and please keep any other info you can think of coming.
  3. Would anyone have or know where to get the injector pulse pattern? Need to know pulse width (in milli seconds) and amplitude (volts) Also during cranking with injectors removed from engine but still electrically hooked up, I only get one pulse even though engine is still cranking. Is this normal computer programming or a separate issue and why.
  4. Can anyone tell me what both fuel pressures are for a 2006 fortwo Diesel are? 1-In tank fuel pump pressure to engine? 2-common rail fuel pressure to injectors?
  5. Can anyone tell me if the exhaust is fitted with a DPF or a similar version of a DPF or catalytic converter that can get clogged up and cause a poor engine performance issue like low power and black smoke? Vehicle is a 2006 fortwo Diesel