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  1. I planned on keeping all of the parts, but concentrated on motor ecu sam etc parts are not cheap. Some of the interior parts are great replacements for my 05 ... but we can talk.
  2. Killing my third now... wife isn't happy. But when I told her the cost of injectors she put her head down and walked away.
  3. I think it needs to be flipped... And subtract 13% from those values with the larger tires.. Not even comming close to 6th gear But it seems to stay on the power band. Guess that's not a good idea.
  4. Oh, she has been done for months... fun little (big) car. The larger tires that are a daily are the NOKIAN WR G4 205/65R15 = 25.5x8.1R15. That was an size increase of +13.4% That causes the speedo and shift speed to be off... and without changing gear ratios (no option I know of). Soooo ... that being said, I've been working on with (here comes the plug) OldSkull Tuning and he has been very helpful. The description file has been easy to use with (here comes another plug) TunerPro. The guy believes giving the power to the user/driver with minimal cost. I've made some changes with success.
  5. Sorry, the body had damage on it already and so there has been cutting started. Issues with the lift kit... Springs, the 05/06 springs are different from the 08 and the kit was designed around the 08+ (need those springs) Rear shock extensions don't quite fit, I had to trim my tabs a little. Its better to have a larger shock and thats what I will do instead. Front struts, get a clamp for them, they spin like a MotherFR and pissed me right off. Oh and the big issue... the rear cross member may nee to be trimmed. It rubs up so slightly against the rear diff...
  6. TY, The fitment is whats stopping me (primarily, working on that and looking for rims) The tires are approved and a nice 8ply radial.
  7. There has been several changes to the 06 Smart . Its been a busy summer and theres still more to do. The tires are now, all on rear rims and the fronts were/are a little tight, but work. NOKIAN WR G4 205/65R15 = 25.5x8.1R15 The lift was a little tricky and still needs more attention. Daystar KS09101BK 2-Inch Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit Tunes were a learning process and always fun, especially when the neighbours look at be funny. Increase fuel limitations Fuel rail pressure increased Flattened the EGR Increased Boost pressure, w/DTC instant heal. (Unable to read past 18.1 - thats next) Changed Shifting @ km/h map up-shift was increased by 13.4% and down-shift was decreased by 13.4%. This number was a starting point for the increase of tire size. Seems to keep the motor with a higher RPM when up-shifting, keeping in the bottom power band. Theres more but one bit at a time.... Thanks all, Cheers!
  8. Well its not quite complete... but so far its been a ride. BTW I suck at documenting things. There is a DayStar 2inch lift w/Nokian WR G4 205/65R15 If I should start my own thread over interest I will do so. There were several other items introduced to this gem... some barbaric and some a little (i mean just a smidge) more refined. Tunes, Tires and Welds ohh my. Everyones 2¢ is more than welcome and appreciate any help/input.
  9. Adjusted limits from stock 1750-2500hpa to 3000hpa flat you can find it at the address 16bit@71400. The adjustment is single row by 15 and assume the variable is Engine speed (RPM).
  10. I've had a small issue with 3 addresses being a little to aggressive. Each one was related to injection throttle and all three were scaled back. Before the BIN would "Under load it rolls coal and pulls well but coming to stop after a hard run, you step on the throttle heavy the car stalls and throws P0088" I have taken the care for a couple runs pushed 0 to (x)km without the system throwing code and stalling. You can put the boost manually at the gate well past its potential (maybe a larger turbo, or super charger even) Running the BIN below on my 06'. 800CDI Stage1 Egr_OFF VmaxOFF TprexLim_3000hpa.MOD
  11. I'm sure there is, my experience is nullx2. it is something that is being looked for.
  12. Ok, so like many others I cannot keep to myself. Since there are no tools yet, may as well play with what is available. Please correct me if wrong, its a learning curve. Everything I will be doing will be based on the included bin file. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.. .thats what they say, how else do you expect us to learn. addresses.txt OEM-06-Smart.rar
  13. A great thanks goes out to those who have helped and in advance to those that will. Since my nosedive into the world of ECUs but more importantly the Smart Fortwo(s). The tools that are currently being used are a little janky.... waiting for the better ones before continuing. Since playing around: 1. purchased a second car 06' Smart Fortwo Passion (not running) 1.a discovered that a seized alternator would stop the engine from starting. Sprayed down w/ a creeping agent and rocked back and forth with a pipe wrench. 1.b catching wind of a tuner w/ promises adding half the current HP/Torque and it costing $300 it was a no brainer. There was a considerable difference in performance when the Malone tune was applied. 1.c thinking mechanical changes would make noticeable differences isn't that beneficial and if anything puts the car into limp mode. Adjusting the boost via the gate, straight pipped and the easiest thing of all better fuel only threw it into LIMP... ok i cranked back on the gate. 2. knowing and using HEX editors, diving into file comparisons is where it started. Please take this advice who start... patience... know what your looking at be for you start this method. Looking at other BIN files there are considerable differences depending on the software versions, or at least this is what it is pointing to. 3. with advice of others they advised the need of the right tools, software and misc equipment is a must, so clawing back a reset was required. As usual who really listens, I didn't and well what a mistake, or was it. 4. Played around with a bin increasing boost, rail pressure, injector rates, really anything that can be changed was changed.... Wrong idea but educational. made lots of smoke under load and at full throttle. Well it came in handy while doing 0-100KM pulls cause on the way home a ass hat in a Honda with fart can pulled out in front of me, and not a favourable distance. Going around him, he pulled up behind me not even able to see his frontend he was way up there. Seeing his windows were down... I hit full throttle, he wasn't to pleased but did back off. 5. Another tune was made by Ecu Solutions Developer in the UK. Over boost issue is gone, EGR is flat but not removed from the ECU (emulator or still plugged into the valve). Lots of torque and think its maxed out. Under load it rolls coal and pulls well but coming to stop after a hard run, you step on the throttle heavy the car stalls and throws P0088. Once the car sits for a while, it will start but will not start right away, and thats even if you clear the code right away, you have to wait. please see attached photo. Thoughts, opinions, hints and etc welcome ... please
  14. TY, once the tools come in I'll play and dig a little deeper.