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  1. Hello all, I decided to bite the bullet and try them anyways. Turns out the 451 model floor mats fit very closely. The driver side is perfect except for the "glove compartment" on the floor is blocked by the back lip of a mat, and the passenger side fits very closely, the foam brick that covers the battery is a little tall and interferes a little bit with the mat. A little trimming when it's warmer out and it will fit 100%. All in all these mats are amazing, the amount of snow and slush they've collected in the week or so since I've had them is unreal. And working off a mobile right now, but when I get to a proper computer I'll link up some photos to show everyone.
  2. heck. It seems so close. I'll have to see if there is a return guarantee
  3. Do we know how they are different? Any side by side photos of potential conflicts?
  4. Hello all, Is there any difference in the floor pan between a 2005 SMART (450) and new models? I'm looking to get Weather Tech mats but they do not have them for the 2005, 2006 model years. Any insight would be appreciated. See link for reference Thanks, Corey Mac