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  1. Ok so after looking at the sketchy 2005 diesel which my cousin and I are pretty sure it is stolen and has been sitting outside somewhere for at least 4 years I decided on the 2009. Which I instantly saw that it was advertised as a brabus but not. However I bought it from the guy as he is moving back to japan after finishing University. He wanted it sold bad so I got him to lower the price to $2000! With less than 93,000km!! I’m so in love it’s not funny. So my obsession thAt started 16 ish years has finally had a taste! my fav part is the red interior! I will post pictures after I give it a full clean from top to bottom! Thank you all for your help though! 💚💚💚💚
  2. After reading this I think my decision has been made.... thank you for the info and the related info to look over on the site
  3. one thing I really want to do also is mod it and doesn’t seem like there’s much selection for a 2005? Or do I just not know how to research the net anymore lol
  4. Yes but the brabus is being sold for 2500 and the diesel is 1000. Now the diesel needs a new injection pump (which I can get rebuilt) and a new plastic for the back window.
  5. I guess the main question is, do I want a diesel or the brabus model and I can’t decide. I have read the Diesel engine will last forever compared to the gas. Opinions?