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  1. I have found the part number of this return line Q0004713V002000000 I'll check the price at MB, if it truns out too expesive for an o-ring, Willys I'll let you know Thanks again for your help
  2. Yes, I'll try to remove the oring from a wreckyard Smart to measure dimension (if I find one). I don't want to damage the one I have in place, otherwise i'll be screwed. If I can find the dimension, I'll buy the o'ring only
  3. Hello everyone I'm searching to find the part number for this part : leak oil line. Part #1 on the picture I have a small leak from the top of the injector causing by the oring from this line Thanks for your help
  4. Bad bearing noise came back when engine is warm The belt is now loose. More than that I can turn the water pump pulley by hand while the belt is installed. it can’t be an alternator bearing again thanks for your precious help
  5. I have 3 other injector that I took out from another smart in the junkyard. i have removed the nozzle and cleaned them into my ultrasonic cleaner with hot water and degrease. When I spray wd40 from inside the nozzle, I got a good uniform spray pattern. I took them off the junkyard smart to learn how it made. I paid 10$ each do you know the torque the nozzle need when it’s time to re-install them on the injector? on my Smart, the right injector is always wet with oil, from the top to down the head cavity. (Well, I think is oil. It might be fuel) Maybe I should change this injector. turbo is boosting at 16psi and I can move the waste gate easily with pliers. I had some WD40 on each pivot point. I don’t have intercooler fan, do you think the air temperature is too high? I’ll also take a look at the fuel filter if there is any leak. other then that, I don’t know what to verify thanks again Simon
  6. Willys, I like when you answer to my post yes, it sound like it come from the left side. when I push on the inter cooler with my hand, the squiky sound is still there. the engine was cold when I record the video. I will check again with a warm engine i have removed the IC fan because it stop working. It was shaking like hell and make another bad noise. the turbo is able to boost at 16psi, don’t think I have an air leak. But it whistle a lot when driving High pressure pump, it might be where the squike is coming from. That was my first thought. ill check again tomorrow when engine is warm thanks again simon
  7. I ask a lot of questions regarding the potential problem I have on my Smart and thank you very much for taking the time to answer me. I learn a lot by reading on this forum. Here is now a new problem that I have noticed for several days already. I read on another post that the use of injector cleaner to put in fuel is a good thing to do in Smart CDi. But since I add this cleaner (while following the recommendations on the bottle), my fuel consumption is higher than usual. I use to do 4.3 - 4.4 litre per 100km, but now I do 7 litre per 100km. Is it related to the cold winter weather? It seems to me very high for a few degrees below 0. What do you think would be the points to check to restore my usual fuel consumption of 4.4 liters per 100km? The fuel filter was changed last fall and I nerver ride over 105 km/hour on highway Thanks again for your precious help Simon
  8. Now the belt is less tight Between the crank and alternator I can move the belt 1/4in up and 1/4 down instead of a 1/4 in total the belt won’t sqeal and I can’t hear the bad bearing noise. but still something wrong, just a little high pitch noise. We can hear it on this video thanks again for your help
  9. I have removed the AC (belt, tensioner, Compressor) Tomorrow at noon I will lossen the belt (0*C outside, should be ok to work on her) I'll try to post a video of that noise. Thanks for your help
  10. Pure cotton is more expensive than a water pump!! Lol ill change the water and see what happen. do you think I can drive the car for a week knowing the bearing is probably bad?
  11. Hi tolsen, thanks for the reply alternator had a bad bearing sound when I rotate it by hand. the water pump seems to be ok when I turn it by hand. when the belt is not tight, no bearing sound. the belt currently have 1/4 of swag. what else can cause this sound only with the belt tighten correctly? is something can rub a pulley or the belt?
  12. Hello everyone trying to make a long story short 1st my alternator belt have started to squeal, so I change the belt and install it more tight. Then I heard a bad bearing sound. My first thought was the alternator bearing (original alternator at 120k km) so I change the alternator. Squeal came back.... so I change the belt again and install it more tight.... now the bad bearing sound came back. I have remove the AC belt but the bearing sound is still there. now I’m thinking of a bad water pump bearing. What do you think? Is it hard to change the water pump on a 450 cdi? is there any how-to I can find on the web? thanks Simon
  13. It’s not mine i took this picture from another post. yesterday after dropping the engine down and back up in place to redo the spade connector on the starter, I lost power brakes. After wiggeling this connection, vaccum was OK and I got my brake back. I just wanted to replace it preventively
  14. Anyone have the part number for this check valve? Thanks
  15. For years I always wanted a smart 450 diesel. I have found the one I got for 2000$ a year ago. It is my daily driver car. I have a Jeep JK on 37in tire during the summer. My Jeep is stored during winter and I use the Smart.... make no sense for a lot of I bought the Smart as a winter beater but it turn out that I really like this little car. I love filling up with only 15$ (60$ for my Jeep) and it is fun to drive. im the kind of guy also who is changing parts before they brake. I’m a maintenance freak. Im in a learning process with this car. I’m reading a lot on this forum. I think I have read all the topics regarding the EGR, an emulator was already installed when a bought the car. It think the emulator came from Poland. My goal is to fix everything and making it drive perfectly before giving it to my daughter, she will turn 15 in January. So 2 more years before she can drive alone. It seams to have more smart cdi owner in Ontario than Quebec. I would love to speak mechanical advice with Smart lover. Thank you very much Willys to share your knowledge with me (and sorry for my bad English ) simon