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  1. It’s not mine i took this picture from another post. yesterday after dropping the engine down and back up in place to redo the spade connector on the starter, I lost power brakes. After wiggeling this connection, vaccum was OK and I got my brake back. I just wanted to replace it preventively
  2. Anyone have the part number for this check valve? Thanks
  3. For years I always wanted a smart 450 diesel. I have found the one I got for 2000$ a year ago. It is my daily driver car. I have a Jeep JK on 37in tire during the summer. My Jeep is stored during winter and I use the Smart.... make no sense for a lot of I bought the Smart as a winter beater but it turn out that I really like this little car. I love filling up with only 15$ (60$ for my Jeep) and it is fun to drive. im the kind of guy also who is changing parts before they brake. I’m a maintenance freak. Im in a learning process with this car. I’m reading a lot on this forum. I think I have read all the topics regarding the EGR, an emulator was already installed when a bought the car. It think the emulator came from Poland. My goal is to fix everything and making it drive perfectly before giving it to my daughter, she will turn 15 in January. So 2 more years before she can drive alone. It seams to have more smart cdi owner in Ontario than Quebec. I would love to speak mechanical advice with Smart lover. Thank you very much Willys to share your knowledge with me (and sorry for my bad English ) simon
  4. I’ll take a look at the dancing oil cap tomorrow morning and I’ll send you the video. my engine is running perfectly fine. Great power (for a 800cc), I can climb long hill in 6th gear, gearbox working fine also. the car only have 118 000 km. Hope I don’t have to change or rebuild the engine thanks again Simon
  5. I have redid the post correctly. You should see the picture
  6. Here is what it look like around the CCV to TIK Today I had to redo the wire on spade connector on the starter. At the same time, I clean this mess and replace the TIK seal at the turbo. What you see on the picture is there since 2006 i think and I found oil into the TIK pipe. I'll keep an eye on that pipe
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'll try to loosen the oil cap to see if it dance. When i bought the car 1 year ago, I forgot to put the oil cap back. The engine cover was not installed and the carpet rolled behind the seat.... I rev the engine to see it moving (suspected bad engine mount)... You can imagine what happen... Oil all the way up to the roof... I had to change the Oil cap because some oil is coming from the cap and drip on the engine. Maybe I have too much pressure in the crank case. Is there a way I can fit a catch can (like this one from Amazon? Thanks again Simon
  8. I have read that post entirely but still have a dumb question. Is the CCV need vaccum from the TIK to work properly? I mean, if the tube from the crankcase just drop on the road and atmospher, will it work? I know is not eco-friendly but I asking simply for my personal knowledge Thanks
  9. Before buying from Ebay, looking in Canada if someone have those item to sell I have found everything. Thanks for all the reply in PM box. (I don't know how to delete this post) Thanks Simon
  10. Quick question I have trying to search to forum before posting but didn't find the answers I'm looking for. I have several oil leak on my Smart 450 CDI 2006. There is 2 of them that I cannot find where they are coming from. 1- There is oil located in the hole between injector 1 and 2 (down where the cylinder head bolt is). It look like to me is coming from the oil cap. Have you ever seen that? 2- There is also oil on the TIK tube near the tubo that seems to be sparyed over the tik pipe Can you guys help me to find where the leak is coming from? Thanks a lot for your help