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  1. Nice. However, it's not easy to understand all the mechanics inside.
  2. Understood. Again, thank you!
  3. Got it, thank you! Is there a problem if I do the mechanical adjustment only (without MB star calibration)? Or, can it be done with, let's say Delphi DS150e tester?
  4. I already opened and greased the actuator, but I do not know if I fitted back properly: I did push it towards the clutch "pedal" until it touched it, and then strengthen the screws. Is this ok or should I push it more? One note that my wife told me is that sometimes when switching to Reverse, it does not engage and displays "0" on the screen. Unfortunately, I do not live near you; I would gladly buy you a round of pints. This is a picture of the clutch actuator before greasing:
  5. The auto creep (auto crawling as it is described in the manual) is mentioned in the user manual and it says(with a side note) that, in order to protect the clutch for over use the SAM will disable this functionality: This is one reason that I suspect over usage of the clutch, even without slippage.
  6. In the meantime I have decided to replace the clutch kit, just for the peace of mind. I will let you know about the changes after the kit is replaced, but could take several weeks since I need an appointment at a local dealer.
  7. The reason that I started this thread is that the guy that scanned the car didn't seem that skilled and he was very convinced that I need to change the clutch without giving me some explanation. Thank you Willis and tolsen!
  8. Most likely, no. But I am hoping that someone who has experience with MB Star can tell me if the logged values indicate a worn clutch.
  9. Hi jwight, yes, this is the one, based in Mitsubishi Colt. I have attached a picture of it.
  10. Hi Leadwing! Thank you for clearing things up!
  11. Hi guys, I am new in this club so I would first like to say Hi! To briefly describe the issue: my wife bought a Smart Forfour W454 2005 model with softouch+ gearbox which runs fine, except that does not auto crawls(does not move when I release break pedal) and sometimes does not engage R (it displays 0 on the screen). I was at a local shop, the guy scanned it with a MB Star, no errors on clutch module and the output was this like this(also please see the attached screenshot): The mechanic said that the the values are not ok and that indicates that the clutch is worn badly. Do you think he is right? The values are that bad? And sorry for posting here but I could not find a 454 section. Thank you in advance! Sorin