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  1. Hi, just wondering is there any difference in the Smart 450 and smart 451 front springs? The only difference I can see is I counted one less coil on the 450 spring Thanks
  2. Hi, had a vibration on the SMART 451 CDI 2009 model and it was a plastic ball between the front engine mount and alternator positioned above the sump with a pipe going into it that came loose. What is this and what does it do? Clipped it back on but its still loose fitting.. It looks like a ballcock float... Thanks
  3. Thanks going to avoid it. Been told to stay away from MHD models It was £700 usually they seem to be advertised for between £2000 - £3000 Thanks
  4. Been offered a SMART 451 Petrol cheap but it only starts for a few seconds and cuts out. Is it worth the risk? Do they use the same SAM setup and problems as the 450? Thanks
  5. Thanks yea it was my partner driving shes got alot of bruises were the seat belt was She wants another smart car, Am I right in thinking the 451 with the mitsubishi engine is the more reliable one to go for? Thanks
  6. Doesn't matter now, someone pulled out infront of it today on a 60mph road and wrote the car off... Need another smart car now..
  7. Ahhh just fog light relay going by FQ -
  8. Thanks so far cleaned the earths under the front panel by the coolant tank Earths in the passenger side (UK Model car) under the SAM Battery earth both sides (Half the earth point on the body for the main battery earth had factory primer on) Battery positive Battery positive that I guess runs to the sam this was abit dirty looking and looks like its been hot at some point as the white label has all deformed and bubbled in places but this could have been from the factory when the cable tab / end was soldered on? Yellow Relay next to the SAM (what does this do?) this Relay was on a slight angle and not fully press in on side by about 2mm Thanks So far the cars done 50 miles since the problem with no issues
  9. Thanks for that Im actually removing the front end today to sort the headlights. I was going to fit HIDs into the HighBeam H1 side with a canbus error remover but read on Evilution that HIDS can cause running problems so might not bother now... Would BMW Electrical contact cleaner be ok? Or I also have 97% isopropyl alcohol cleaner and I think maybe some 99% Thanks again
  10. Yea its a 2004 700cc 450 the one with the peanut headlights When you say grounding pins do you mean pins in all the electrical connection blocks or pins as in earthing points? Car started and drove to work fine this morning Thanks again
  11. Hi all new to the forum with a problem on the Smart 450 700cc petrol. Was out driving going along the motorway and the engine cut out and radio etc went off. Everything came back on but It wouldn't restart and Just displayed a Flashing N and a clicking relay from the ecu Recovery arrived and when he looked Under the car he could see and hear the actuator constantly moving in time with the flashing N. He disconnected the battery and reconnected it, clicking relay had stopped, N symbol was solid and Smart started up like normal and drove home fine for the rest of the 10+ mile trip Any ideas on what caused this as Im guessing something is on its way out... Thanks