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  1. Got it sorted after work yesterday. Pulled the fusebox (SAM?) down from the dashboard, checked for loose wires, unclipped connections and reclipped. One was loose. All sorted now, reinstalled and wiggled box around, problem is gone. Drove it around a bit on the property, seems well. Good to know about the plastic window in the cold. Car is garage stored, and will be a summer vehicle. On the subject of the window, it seems a bit "foggy" and unclear. It's not yellowed, just unclear. Does it have to be replaced, or is there a product out there to pollish it up to clear again? Thanks for all the info!
  2. Oil filter got here late. Got it installed, oiled up, coolant in and burped. Got it out of the garage today, and ripped around the yard a bit. Took a pic for the wifey. Got back in to start it up and drive back into the garage, and had the single bar of death on the speedometer. Pushed back into garage. Removed battery ground for 15min to see if it would reset. Single bar still showing. Checked wiring on passenger footwell silver box, no issue there. Wiggled fusebox under driverside dashboard, and bar dissappeared. Got car started, was able to put roof up. While running, wiggled fusebox a bit, and engine died and bar reappeared. Wiggled some more, and able to restart. So... tomorrow after work, I'll pull the fusebox and check all wiring connections.
  3. Here's a pic of the lower bit, with thermal paste? Possibly a sump heater? It's directly beside the oil pan, one of the pan bolts holds it in place. We didn't get a cord with the car for plugging it in, as mentioned. Honestly, not too worried as this will be wifey's summer car. She has a 4x4 WD21 Pathfinder for winter driving. I just got parts in, installed the water pump and alternator yesterday. No issues with that. Just reinstalled the sump pan, am letting the sealant cure before refilling with oil. Will refill the coolant and burp it. Here's hoping this is all it will need for now, and we can get it ripping around shortly.
  4. Thanks for the info! The alternator on this one isn't seized. It looks like whoever installed it the last time clumsily hamfisted it into place, and broke the black plastic housing and wire connector on the end of it. They then tried to use modelling glue to hold the wire connection in place. The girl I bought it from told me the alternator was dead, and delivered it to me with a spare battery hooked up in the passenger footwell to have enough power to drive it. I'm thinking the glued connection on the alternator broke, and the wires came undone on her. I have a waterpump and alternator ordered. Will be sure to be carefull when reinstalling. One other question: On the lower engine case right beside the oil pan seal, is what looks like a hole full of thermal paste and a couple brass coloured prongs going into a wire. Some kind of temperature sensor? That connection is looking haggard. Good idea to refresh the paste? Thanks again for all the help!
  5. I haven't pulled the engine, Have the rear end jacked up on stands to access alternator. Just finished pulling the water pump. I'm glad I did, the bearings in it are toast. Will order both new alternator and pump. What I'm wondering about is the SAM. I've seen that mentioned before, but don't know what/where it is. Computer system? And has anyone welded a drain plug onto the oil pan? Seems to be a pain in the ass to have to either crack the pan seal or suck old oil out to change it. I work in a fabrication shop, and can very easily weld a threaded nut onto the pan after drilling a hole, and run a bolt and o-ring to seal it up.
  6. Hi! I bought a 2006 CDI Pure cabrio for my wife yesterday, knowing that it needed a new alternator. It's my first Smart, though I wrench often on other vehicles. Pulled the alternator today, without issue. Will order a replacement shortly. But I noticed the 3rd pulley on the belt (water pump?) has quite a bit of play/wobble to it. Time to change that out as well? Any place online to download a service manual for the '06? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I'm in BC, Canada, and yesterday just bought a 2006 CDI Pure Cabrio for the wife to drive this summer. I picked it up, knowing that it needs an alternator. Pulled it out today. I'll have the odd question for the tech section, I'm sure. Didn't get an owners manual with the car. Is there an online source for owners manuals and service manual downloads? Thanks!