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  1. Appreciate the response 💯 I'll fish around
  2. Hey guys does anyone know where i can buy an upgraded wastegate (i.e a better than stock one) actuator for my euro4 smart 451 turbo non brabus. Im looking to buy a pipercross filter , turbosmart boost control, some NGK iridium laser ILKR7B8 (colder plugs)and a re map but need help on the wastegate actuator. I could see figures of up to 133hp looking around 0.6-1.0 boost with this setup . any help and opinion is welcome.
  3. So had KT looked out and theybrecon its this valve lifters so that's that. Will use Wynn's and drive it until it breaks down!
  4. right sorry for late response. its been a mad few days .. ok so I checked the exhaust seems fine. bracket are well. oil even is just below the maximum. level is stable not loosing any oil. coolant and all other levels are fine . the knock still sounds likes is coming from near the exhaust manifold area. I will be taking it to get looked at smart specialist said it could be the clutch or bottom end so I will find out in a week or so. I have ordered a stethoscope so will try again with that once it arrives. I I will be sure to update this topic with what happens . thanks for the helpful opinions and ideas.
  5. I used a long metal piece I put it on everything but couldn't decipher lol. I will get under the car again tomorrow and focus on them brackets as the noise was heard vaguely under the car loudest towards the exhaust manifold but loud inside the car. flywheel bolts is that removal of gearbox>? maybe a stethoscope to the bell housing ?
  6. lol well I'm trying to keep it external in my thought too but I think I will have someone to check the bottom end for me to rule it out
  7. its a proper knock but it goes with rpm when I rev. someone was saying it could be bottom end or even the clutch? surely if it was bottom end it will knock regardless of revving? will check engine oil tomorrow.
  8. Thanks for the response guys. It is a 1.0 petrol turbo NON brabus 84hp 2009 passion at 58k miles . Iv removed the hatch. Can't hear it. I have used a long screw driver on the engine but its not knocking like the sound I hear from inside. Could the alternator knock? What about the fuel pump? Not sure on oil pressure or how to check but as for oil level it seems on the MAX but I checked it when car was running? . its defo not loosing or burning oil, however I was under the car and I could hear it faintly but sounded like the exhaust manifold area is where It was loudest but u can notice it allot in the cab. Removing oil cap didn't seem to do any difference in sound . i also get raw fuel smell on cold start not sure if thats normal or could be a part of the problem.
  9. hey guys I am new to this forum and have been loosing sleep over my smart car.. after a drive when I am stationary (doesn't matter in N or in gear) shortly after stationary I get a knocking and it sounds like it is coming from behind my seat .. we at least thats where it can be heard at its loudest. i can't hear it outside only in the cab (maybe can outside but not loud enough to notice) . as I rev it goes. could anyone share some thought or opinion .. here is a link to the uploaded video of it for you guys to listen . any response or help would be much appreciated. kind regards Silvah! - listen from 14 seconds please