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  1. Hiya folks--got our used parts yesterday -yay! But first we have to deal with the existing messy wireing job --I think we need a new N11-5 brown plug--with some wiring attached to splice -----would anyone here know if this kind of plug is shared with anything else to help broaden my seach? I guess with enough gumption we could rebuild the plug--wires are coming toose out the top --it fits tight though lol. Stay healthy everyone!
  2. We reading these links--good stuff in there thank you! Yesterday our son went out to remove the speedo pod --the videos show you simply use a torx 10 screw drive and POP! off it all goes---on our car the bolts were striped out, finally got two to come out with a torx 8 or 9, 10 did not fit--he stripped them out trying--- had to drill out the last two--got refreshed on all the french swear words my Dad taught me and now pass on to my son lol Now looking to source replacement bolts.
  3. Hello everyone--I've been posting quite a bit lately and thought I better check in. We bought a 2006 Fortwo Pure cdi for our 19yr old hearing impaired son to tinker on and to eventually teach our teen kids how to drive--a fun project. We got the car local for $900. The body of the car looks real good, the interior is dirty as it was used to ferry cleaning supplies between jobs by the PO. He told us the fusebox was the problem right from the get go. It took him having his mechanic replace the alternator and starter with brand new units and digging into the SAM (trying to fit a second SAM, that did not fix it) before he called it a day on the car---he would put more into the car than it was worth to him. We figure that whatever we put into it it may come up to what a low price used Smart might go for with the added bonus of our son learning a few things on a car on which we know where the big head ache is---not buying a used one and being surprised on the 410. (not to say that won't happen lol) We took it home, played around a bit, doing a bunch of research with it trying to figure out the SAM thing. We have a way to go yet--need to fix the wiring harness, replace the SAM, ECU, speedo pod and key, clean inside and out make sure the brakes work bla, bla ,bla... a work in progress Then get it safetied and licensed. This is a complicated little car compared to our usual good weather daily driver 1969 Beetle! We are so thankful for the help quickly offered us already--it's a great site! Thank you. Stay healthy everyone!
  4. Would you have a link or more info on where and what relay to use?
  5. Lol----a needle nose and a lot of swearing. It's sure nice to have someone who knows what they're looking at! Why in the world do they even get so hot as to melt the plastic? They're Mercedes Benz for crying out loud, you'd think they'd have it figured out. Is the wire gauge too small? Is it the headlights and the heat from the bulb travels the short distance along the copper to the SAM?
  6. Disregard the previous---LLN is indeed correct it is the N11-3. We have them in the wrong hole as well. If I can figure out howto get a pic up you'll see how the plug looks like it's been chewed on and resoldered ---then later up the wires it looks like an old timey car stereo electrician tape wiring job.
  7. Geesh---to make matters worse we've gone and confused ourselves: Which is which---brown plug is N11-3 or N11-5? We may have put them in each other's holes--both 12 pins. Seeing those parts on Flying Tiger has been so helpful LLN!
  8. Willys--Save yer energy for smelt fishing lol. I called a place where we could pick off a carcass as they had a few Smarts--not sure of the years. Thanks LLN for the flying tiger link! I'm guessing the link you sent was the N11-3 black---I notice next down below on that page the brown one .
  9. Thanks LLN--I've started calling wreckers and called the local MB dealer--they only sell the entire harness. Never thought of ebay though
  10. Hello fellow Smart car owners--we just bought an "as is" 06 cdi Pure, no A/ C for our 19 yr old son to tinker with. The "as is" part is that the SAM has been removed by the previous owner's mechanic--the PO decided he had already sunk too much money on it with replacing both the starter and alternater after it just wouldn't start. We got it cheap enough for what it is. My question is --if I understand this correctly from what I've read here ( so helpful!) is ---if we replace the SAM, ECU, entire speedo cluster unit and keys with replacements from a used car it shoould basically be plug and play ? Provided there is no problem with the replacement SAM. And is there anykind of reprogramming needed after a replacement?
  11. Can the rear quarter windows (plexi-glass?) be refinished like the headlights can be when they are sandblasted and or discoloured from road grime and UV? Ours are not so much windows right now lol.
  12. Thanks so much for your offers of help Willys! You sound like you've got quite the tools and skills. The fellah with the parts wrote and told us he's sending the stuff Monday, we'll see how long it taks to get here in this environment. We'll keep all the original parts together in a box just in case we need them again for whatever reason--but as it stand we will trade out the bits from the wrecked car in place of the OE. Until then it's been like cleaning up Christine--a cleaning, headlight polish--odds and end things. It's funny how it feels like a recliner on wheels. Pictured is the rat's nest of electrical work done on the wireing, by the PO's mechanic, plugged into SAM#2 (not OE SAM) --that's all got to be cleanned up, and check that plug. I hope all the SAMs aren't getting confusing lol SAM#1-- OE SAM#2-- came as a spare with the car SAM#3-- Soon to arrive from a wreck to replace OE. We're hopeful for it to start and excited to get it going--we're still a long way I'm sure.
  13. The question begs to ask Willys----how do you know? I haven't had a car to be certified before- I thought maybe someone, mechanic or license bureau would check and the gig would be up.
  14. This topic took an excellent tangeant over to this other thread: ...bringing back to here Thanks for all the help! Update--We bought the 4 pieces. They are coming from out west and guess we'll see them in a week or so. We'll let you know how it goes. As per fixing the original SAM, it appears in pretty bad shape (see pic) --- you can see we took the soldered wires off and also discovered the circuit board is missing bits from the fold on the short side of the board. We're going to intall the parts, see how it runs and look it over more, get it certified and licence---I know, I know, probably won't be that simple lol. To start it may need a new plug for that pin set on the SAM. We're hoping that once these parts are in hopefully working, it will level the playing field, see how it runs then go from there. Will definitely keep posting here--we're certainly far from done! This brings up a new question--to certify and license-- if the new parts are programmed to it's original vin, I'm guessing we'll have to have someone with a Star reprogram them to our vin?
  15. We are new Smart Car owners have had the car for a week, a used car at that--I can only imagine the frustration these SAM failures have caused you longtime owners!! I'm totally unfamiliar with Mercedes Benz --this seems like a manufacturer's defect, why was this never a recall? Bad solder and unsheilded from the dampness--geeez! Have any of you done anything to lessen a dampness problem--some kind of water repellant spray, or plastic cover? I know fuses should be tight in their sockets but gosh it feels like they needed to be broken from corrosion crusties to get them out. Thanks to the Smart Car Club community here for sharing your experiences and fantastic information.
  16. Thanks for your quick reply Willys! We do have the original SAM and it has already been modded with bypass wires--the whole thing was cut out of the car when we got it, there was also a spare unaltered SAM from another source included. When we bought the car we didn't know there was this problem with SAMs generally within these cars--our problem-but still figure for what we got the car for some repairs still come up to less than an equivalent running car with the benefit our son tinkering and better understanding cars. From the research alone we're learning a ton lol. The car itself is uncertified so CAA will not tow it--we needed to have it towed to our house and called CAA to find out their policy on uncertified vehicles, we paid a company to tow it home. We did some online research and had the original SAM ( SAM #1) open for a look--red wires were soldered in within the circuit rather than along that pin line as we'd seen on the Aging Wheels Youtube channel where " I fixed my Smart Car for FREE!!!!!!!!" fixed his. Apparently the PO's mechanic said the original SAM was busted and tried to swap out to the second. We tried the same--first bought a new battery, plugged in SAM #2. Everything comes on except the passenger side headlight, we haven't checked if it's the bulb or not, I have to get my hand in there this weekend. The fuel pump makes primming sounds and the starter turns over but does not fire up so know SAM #2 has some life. Both SAMs appear to have damaged, discoloured pins which seems typical for these cars. Nothing really happens when SAM #1 is plugged in--the bypassed wires (all red) are cut and we don't know where they go. I really have no idea what to do about this--- -Is SAM #1 fixable? I don't know. -Can #2 be installed and made to work? I don't think so unless it's fixed with a STAR? -Install a SAM, ECU, speedo and keys from wrecker and consider the car as basically operational then start diagnosing from a clean slate? We have found a source for these parts--can't say if it's expensive or not but less expensive than going to a dealer! Thanks for mentionning Glen--will def keep him in mind