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  1. I was wondering were owners got their parts from. I normally deal with Rock Auto but they don't have what I'm needing. Looking for other options.
  2. Thank you. I like driving the car, but stupid little things keep braking and parts are alot harder to find.
  3. Looking to find the difference between the 450 and 451 cabriolet top. The top I purchased was supposed to be for a 450. The person selling it had both at one time. This one will not latch at the tailgate. I tried everything I can to adjust it, with no luck. Looking to see if anyone else had this problem. Or had an idea on how to fix.
  4. Thanks for all your response to my question. I finally got it to fit with interchanging parts from my old top. And a lot of stretching.
  5. I was wondering if there is anyway to convert a soft top to a hard top. A friend of mine works in a salvage yard and he says it's interchangeable. Having trouble finding parts to fix my crappy cabriolet top.
  6. I bought this 06 cabriolet with what I thought was a minor top issue. Wouldn't close right opened it the other day and it jammed open. Pulled the top off the car still no luck so looking for a working replacement.
  7. Do you still have it kicking around ?