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  1. Please put me on the list for a complete unit as well, PM sent!Bub
  2. I would like in to the SS intercooler pipe group buy as well, please! Bub
  3. I made mine out of a thin piece of sheet titanium I had laying around, suspect it will last a while! Added my name to the group buys for an EGR emulator and a intake pipe, look forward to doing some more mods!Bub
  4. Yay! My unit arrived on Monday the 18th, also with bubble wrap! I love Christmas! Props to Zuuk and Steve for rapid delivery, a great price and even greater service!I had the unit installed and running within a half hour of opening the package (ok, ok, full hour after opening, cause I had to play with the bubbles first!).I look forward to enjoying it everytime Im out driving, what a slick little unit!Merry X-mas to all!Bub
  5. Roger Willco, Smartzuuk! Profile edited, I was in a hurry to get in on the offer! I believe we met @ the Cochrane Rally, summer '06 Regards, Bub
  6. Hello Steven, Could you please include me in the Scangauge group buy? Thank You!Bub