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  1. Nice to see this guide is still helping people đź‘Ť
  2. Just wanted to update this thread. It seems like I solved the issue... probably... it was a bad ground battery connection which I cleaned up with a wire wheel and ensured good contact and so far it seems to be working properly.
  3. Haha well this is the opposite problem that a lot of people have... my smart 450 cdi will not turn off. After sitting for a few months, I decided to fire it up. Battery was dead so I charged it, put the key in, started up normally and drove normally. Went to turn it off. Put it in neutral, turned key to off, and took key out of the ignition. Still running and would let me drive it normally as if the key was still in there. is there something internally in the ignition switch that could be fixed ? (I did end up turning it off by pulling the battery line off and turning the high beams on to overwhelm the alternator. )
  4. I haven’t tested it with windows 10 but I know for sure it will work on OS X with a virtual machine running windows xp as I have used it before. pre modified files can be found online is various places, some people sell them in packs on eBay. Be careful though as using a file not meant for your car could cause damage or brick the ecu. Always pull the stock file off first.
  5. We may need to develop a simple tuning application specific to the smart once we have all the tables figured out.
  6. Sure Ill test it out if you send me the memory addresses to change I can change them on my map and do checksum.
  7. Lots of people local to me selling parts off wrecked smarts on craigslist and facebook marketplace.
  8. Attached is the guide alone. KWP2000 Smart CDI Guide.pdf
  9. Hello all, After a few days of working on things, I have written a guide for getting you started with the KWP2000+ and the Smart 450 CDI. This guide includes the (often hard to find) software thats needed, setup of the software and hardware, and instructions on how to read your stock tune file and write a new tune file to it. The attachment includes the guide and software. Please let me know if you have anything to add or any questions. Big thanks to @stickman007 for his assistance with the software and troubleshooting! KWP2000 Smart CDI
  10. Yes I ordered some components to build an emulator as well to rule that out as a problem, thank you!
  11. Thanks Ill look into that
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. The Intercooler definitely looks rough. I didnt have limp before the EGR cleaning but it was very sluggish and the EGR was plugged, and also the outlet from the egr to the engine was not sealed so it was leaking boost like crazy, after I cleaned the EGR and fixed the hose it went into limp. I am playing with the idea that the EGR plunger might have been damaged during cleaning or maybe not fully actuating so Im going to have a look at that. Can it limp with a leaky intercooler ?
  13. Hello everyone 2006 Smart 450 CDI in Canada, 225,000km Cleaned out the EGR and installed a blocker plate, EGR solenoid wiring is connected. Getting limp mode, maximum 3000 rpm, no check engine CEL light and no codes. If I unplug the EGR solenoid it will throw a code. Checked fuel filter, all good. Checked hose going to the waste gate, all good. Waste gate will move normally when the bar is pulled back and forth with plyers. Could this be a bad EGR solenoid? any other ideas on what can cause a limp mode without throwing a code and no cel light? thanks